Forget the best man – here’s how to write a bride’s speech that will leave the crowd laughing

Getting married soon? Forget the best man’s speech – find out how you can write a bride’s speech that will leave your guests laughing.

The time has come for you to write your speech. But guests look forward to this part of the wedding day and can have high expectations, whether that’s for heart-warming words, lots of laughter, or simply just the entertainment factor. In this case, you will certainly be feeling the pressure – not to mention, all eyes are on you.

As the bride, you want to top the best man’s speech and show your guests that you can confidently deliver something that will leave the crowd laughing – whether you have a small, intimate wedding or a grand event. In this article we share tips to help you and relieve some of the nerves you will be feeling.

Use the element of surprise

The advantage that you have for your speech is that you know your spouse better than anyone else. Romantic relationships unlock a side to us that no one else sees, especially when living together. And whether it reveals their good qualities or frustrating habits, you’re bound to have some embarrassing stories about them.

Revealing something unknown to the guests will also provide a shock factor to add to the laughter, ensuring that you take the crown for the best speech.

Avoid inside jokes

It’s essential to avoid any inside jokes. Whether it’s between you and your partner or perhaps your circle of friends, the rest of the guests aren’t going to understand the joke. Thus, you won’t get many laughs, instead, you’ll most likely hear crickets.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t include jokes in your speech, they’re a great addition to keep the giggles going. But instead, keep it generic enough to stay relevant to your crowd, but not too much so that it sounds like you’ve browsed the web for it – there’ll be no awkward silences this way.

Steer clear of inappropriate content

Don’t try to outdo the best man’s speech by including anything that could be considered too much information. What some may find entertaining, others may find inappropriate – particularly the groom’s family.

And keeping it tasteful doesn’t mean it can’t be hilarious, consider some funny memories from the start of your relationship that will put a smile on the families’ faces, rather than making them feel uncomfortable.

Relieve your stress

It’s normal to be feeling the heat in the lead-up to your speech. But confidence is key when it comes to public speaking, particularly when you’re aiming to make your guests laugh until they cry.

If you don’t sound confident in your jokes, your guests won’t feel it either, so you may just see some puzzled faces. But how are you supposed to ease your nerves before speaking in front of a crowd?

Just a short 10-minute walk is enough to relieve your stress, according to a 2018 study. Set some time aside on the morning of your wedding to do this, perhaps before you begin to get ready. Not only will this help with your speech, but it will also relax you for the whole day ahead.

Wedding venues in the Lake District are a great way to unwind – a stroll paired with breathtaking scenery is certain to keep those nerves contained. And shortly before your speech, a glass of prosecco will of course give you some Dutch courage.

Stay in touch with your emotions

Humour may not be your forte, so you may be tempted to devote most of your attention to perfecting it. But it is your wedding day after all, so it’s important to display your affection towards your partner, as well as your loved ones who have supported you on your journey.

Don’t forget to include some special memories that you and your partner have shared as a way of expressing your gratitude towards them, you might even see your guests shed some tears from being so touched. This way, you’re giving the best of both worlds in your speech, so you can be confident knowing you’ll have impressed the crowd.

Your wedding day is a magnificent moment that you will never forget, but that isn’t to say that it’s stress-free. And to add to the stressful planning, you must create a memorable speech that will impress your guests. But with these tips, you will undoubtedly be the talk of the celebration.

Photo by Andreas Rønningen