Forget homeschooling – why you need to enrol in our new Business Foundation School!

Are you over trying to help your child learn at home? Find out why you should enrol in our brand new Business Foundation School.

One of our favourite quotes is from George Elliott: “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” And it’s in this spirit that this month we’ve opened the doors to our brand new Business Foundation School.

Why do we need a Business Foundation School?

The idea behind the Business Foundation School is based on seven years of working out how to shape a successful business ourselves (and how to earn money from it!), and showing other freelancers and small business owners how to do the same.

After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, we’ve realised that there are some core (and understandable) mistakes that we all make when we start out. Yes, us too.

These mistakes are easy to correct when you know you’re making them AND have the right guidance. But they”re not always easy to identify and fix on your own.

Indeed, from experience, it’s almost impossible to work out where you’re going wrong if your business feels hard. You know that something isn’t right, but are not quite sure what.

This is when we often fall for quick fixes and fashionable tactics. We assume it’s because we’re not posting daily Instagram stories. Or we’re not using chatbots.

But the reality is that you probably just haven’t got the basic foundations of your business quite right. And until you fix these, all the latest fads, or mindset overhauls in the world won’t work.

Enter the Business Foundation School.

How does the Business Foundation School work?

The Business Foundation School is a carefully curated collection of masterclasses and workbooks that enable you to make targeted changes to your business every month.

It covers 12 key areas – from planning and pricing to sales funnel, SEO and, yes, even mindset. These are all things that we know small businesses and freelancers struggle with, and that are stopping them from earning the money they want (and deserve for the time they’re putting in).

They’re also stopping them from ENJOYING running their business. Because there’s nothing fun about labouring for long hours and struggling to bring in sales. Or being forced to lower your prices again because no one is buying.

What IS fun is confidently knowing what you need to tweak in your business to deliver the results you want, and getting them.

It’s fun charging what you’re worth. It’s fun getting notifications of sales. And it’s fun feeling in control.

And these are all things that the Business Foundation School is designed to give you.

What’s inside?

There are 12 modules inside the Business Foundation School. Here’s what you’ll do in each.

1) Planning

  • Write your mission and vision statements
  • Design your perfect day
  • Watch the Business Plan Masterclass
  • Complete the business plan template

2) Pricing

  • Watch the Pricing Masterclass
  • Watch the Money Masterclass
  • Download the Money Masterclass ebook
  • Complete how to price your products and services
  • Read the discounting cheat sheet

3) Mindset

  • Watch the Confidence Masterclass
  • Complete the confidence workbook
  • Complete the obstacles workbook
  • Watch the Mindset Masterclass

4) Marketing

  • Watch the Ideal Customer Masterclass
  • Complete the ideal customer worksheet
  • Watch the Marketing Masterclass
  • Complete the marketing strategy template

5) Sales

  • Watch the Sales Copy Masterclass
  • Read five ways you can overcome objections to sales
  • Read how to use the power of questions to sell online
  • Watch the Email Marketing Masterclass
  • Download the email marketing ebook

6) Productivity

  • Watch the Productivity Masterclass
  • Complete the time efficiency exercise
  • Set up the timesheet spreadsheet
  • Download the power list
  • Find your shortcuts

7) Social media

  • Watch the Social Media Strategy Masterclass
  • Plan your social media strategy
  • Download the social media sharer cheat sheet
  • Download the social media timetable
  • Download the social media audit checklist

8) Branding

  • Watch the Branding Masterclass 
  • Download the Branding Masterclass ebook
  • Read how to identify your brand values
  • Complete the brand guidelines template
  • Read how to find your tone of voice
  • Learn how to find your real USP

9) Funnel

  • Watch the Campaign Masterclass
  • Download the campaign masterclass ebook
  • Watch the Webinar Masterclass
  • Download the webinar ebook
  • Download the plan your webinar worksheet

10) PR

  • Complete the how to create your PR strategy workbook
  • Learn how to write a press release
  • Learn how to put together your media kit
  • Learn how to write boilerplate copy

11) SEO

  • Learn an easy way to understand SEO
  • Watch the SEO Masterclass
  • Download the SEO masterclass ebook
  • Download the SEO cheat sheet
  • Download the SEO copy checklist

12) Profitability

  • Learn how to create your credit control strategy
  • Learn how to handle people who don’t pay
  • Learn how to make money by saving money
  • Analyse your monthly expenses
  • Learn how to save money on your monthly expenses

As you can see, by the end of your 12 months in the Business Foundation School, you’ll have mastered all the important areas of running a profitable business.

Get started now for just £49

And you can get started RIGHT NOW for just £49 when you join on our monthly plan. This guides you through our year-long plan in sequence, unlocking a module a month to keep you on track and making progress.

You don’t need to think about what you’re working on. Just set aside around 90 minutes a week and you can work through each module and complete it in a month.

It gives you the structure and space to work ON your business, rather than constantly treading water IN it.

If you’re keep to get to a particular module you can join on our annual plan for just £499 (a saving of £89). This gives you access to all 12 modules immediately.

BUT we still recommend picking one module a month to focus on. This way you’ll avoid overwhelm and give yourself that manageable, steady and fun progress you want.

What kind of results can you expect?

The Business Foundation School may be brand new, but we’ve been helping small business owners and freelancers like you for many years. And we know this content really works.

Here’s what people say about the help we offer.

And we’d love YOU to be our next success story.

Be the success you were always meant to be

So if you don’t think you’ve achieved your best yet. If you think there’s MUCH more in your business or freelance career, but just can’t see how to make it happen – yet – then please know it’s not too late.

Come and join us inside the Business Foundation and be the success you are always meant to be – with our help.

The Business Foundation School is open for enrolments until midnight 17 July. Find out more and see what you get inside here.