Five ways your busy schedule could be affecting the health of your hair

Fitting in a self-care routine around your work schedule can be challenging, particularly if you are juggling a large amount of jobs at the same time – and trying to raise a family.

When you are so stretched, something has to give. And for some women, it’s their hair. In an effort to save time, they take shortcuts that can damage their hair. And, while there are hair transplant UK options if this happens, in an ideal world you won’t need to opt for such drastic measures.

Instead, avoiding some common daily habits that can damage your hair will keep it healthy. Here are five ways your busy schedule could be affecting the health of your hair.

1) Excessive heat 

Most of is are guilty of styling our hair with straighteners sometimes, but a regular morning routine of styling could be doing more damage to your hair than good.

If you are using styling tools in the morning on a daily basis, over time it can leave your hair looking dry and lifeless.

If you are looking to style your hair but don’t want to use heat, then overnight styling when your hair is wet can help you give you the same style, and speed up your morning routine, while preventing heat damage.

2) Tight hairstyles

Do you ever shove your hair into a quick, tight ponytail or a bun? Though this can be handy when you’re in a rush, it could be damaging the lengths of your hair and causing breakage.

In severe cases, tight hairstyles like these can lead to some form of hair loss. To prevent this, use scrunchies or clear elastic to tie back your hair. This will reduce the stress placed on your hair, so you can continue wearing a bun when you want.

3) Stress

Though this can’t always be avoided, stress is one of the main causes of hair loss or breaking of the hair. So practising self-care is crucial to ensuring that your hair remains healthy.

Stress is also responsible for a lack of sleep, which has an effect on the growth of your hair too, and can leave it looking limp and lifeless.

By eating well, enjoying time to relax, and spending time caring for your hair with a hair mask or deep conditioning session, you can begin to stimulate the growth of your hair and keep your scalp as healthy as possible. 

4) Over brushing

Another factor that could contribute to the health of your hair is the amount of time you spend brushing. If brush your hair more than once a day, this could be leading to unnecessary stress on the lengths of it, causing it to break.

Brushing just once a day will help to keep your hair strong and reduce the risk of split ends. 

5) Relying on dry shampoo

While dry shampoo certainly has its uses on occasion, using it too often can damage your hair. Dry shampoo soaks up excess oil, but it can also clog the pores on your scalp, leading to dandruff and irritation.

So it’s important to only use dry shampoo a maximum of once a week to refresh your hair. This will prevent your pores being clogged and keep your hair growing at a healthy rate. 

Photo by Element5 Digital