Five ways you can use wood panelling in your home

Wood panelling is making a comeback. Discover five ways you can use  parquet floors, panelled walls and more to create the interior look you want.

Did you know that wooden panelling is making a comeback? Whether it is through putting down parquet wood floors or simply creating segmented spaces, it’s safe to say that there are many modern ways to make wood panelling look the best it ever has.

1) Lay easy to clean parquet floors

Wooden panelling is seeing a huge resurgence, particularly in the form of parquet floors. The best thing about this kind of floor is that it is sleek, and it is also very bright. When you look at the available colours, you will soon see that you have a lot of options and that it is very easy to find something that suits your style.

2) Create sleek lines with panelled walls

One great thing about wooden panelling is that it can help you to create stunning, sleek geometry. By cutting the panelling you have into narrow strips, you will soon find that you can get a stunning geometric look and that it is very easy to make your space look modern this way.

Modern decor is often all about stark geometry, so this is a great way for you to achieve that. You may find that you can create visual interest and that you can also put narrower panels on the ceiling to bring the look together.

3) Define your home with segmented spaces

Many people are also incorporating wooden panelling by using it to create segmented spaces. They do this in only a small portion of the room to create a lot of visual interest. 

If you have a narrow area of panelling and then surround it with white walls then this will modernise any space. The wood wall can also create a sudden change in texture which is ideal if you want to segment your breakfast bar in the kitchen, for example.

4) Get that rustic chic look

One popular and modern style in today’s homes is rustic chic. This is where you have elements that are rustic, but you combine them with way more modern elements. You may have a wooden rustic accent wall for example that is combined with modern white chairs. Another interesting element would be for you to add a herringbone layout on the wall. This again showcases a geometric design.

Take your old-looking kitchen cabinets, for example. You may not necessarily need to replace them entirely. Sometimes, a good paint job or a glossy finish is enough to do the trick. You can also resurface them with different materials and change their handles for a completely new look. A floor refinishing service is a cost-efficient alternative to replacing your worn-out hardwood.

5) Create light and airy spaces

Did you know that wooden panelling is also ideal if you want to try and create a light and airy space? If you paint your walls in a light colour then you may find that by having panelling, you can reflect it all around the room. This is ideal if you want to create an interesting focal point and you would be surprised at what a difference it can make to your home in general.

So, if you want a modern look then opting for wood panelling could certainly be the way to go. Why not see what you could come up with today, to see if you can take your home to that next level of style?