Five ways you can excel at work and life

Are you struggling to balance your home and work life? Here are five ways to help you excel at both.

The perception is that many women are striving to “have it all”. And for a significant number of them that means maintaining a challenging and rewarding career or business, balanced with an enriching time spent with your family.

However, a fast-paced career and a comfortable, relaxing home life are difficult to fit together. If you have always wanted to have your cake and eat it too, here are some simple tips to help you strike the perfect balance between your working life and your home life.

1) Create and maintain a family calendar

Instituting your own family calendar is a great way to get the schedules of every person in your house to fit with each other.

Your personal family calendar can have events that you will attend as a group, as well as necessary, individual appointments. To use your calendar to make your life a little less hectic and much easier, plan ahead a few weeks and prepare for upcoming things.

For example, fill a bag with items from a dental supplier to give you a head start on preparing for impending dental procedures. A calendar can help you to get ready for the events that will naturally come up in your life, but it can also be a good way to commemorate small events or personally significant dates.

2) Get a pet

With how busy your life is, you may think you are too busy for a pet. However, before you dismiss a pet out of hand, think about the type of animal that you could welcome to your home.

While a puppy or a kitten may require more attention than you can give it right now, a small animal in a terrarium or some fish can be both easy to care for and exciting to watch.

And the benefits to children from having animals are immeasurable. Not only will it teach your child the importance of responsibility, but caring for a pet as a family can strengthen bonds and make you closer over time.

3) Cut out distractions

When you are at work, it can be so easy to zero in on the task at hand and not pay any mind to potential time-wasters around you.

This is a little more difficult outside of work. But in order to wake up refreshed every day and be ready to tackle a whole new set of problems, you need to get rid of all the things in your life that are calling out for attention.

Creating a calendar, removing screens from personal spaces, and setting up opportunities to get quality time with your family are all excellent suggestions for really focusing on what is important to you.

4) Create traditions

A huge part of the work-life balance is having a home life of which you can be proud. Establish traditions that you can carry out as a family and create some meaningful memories.

Make some traditions or rituals that do not necessarily involve your work. They should be a time where you can really spend some quality time with your family.

When you institute family traditions, you should know that it can benefit you in more ways than just enriching your life. It can improve your mood and has even been linked to developing a healthier mental state.

5) Make time to care for yourself

While you are spending a lot of your time taking care of everyone else by making sure your whole family is happy and making sure your work obligations are met, there is also some value to be recognized in practicing some self-care.

It can be as elaborate as transforming your bathroom into a personal spa, or as simple as relaxing with your favorite warm beverage. However, one thing is for sure, your period of self-care should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to handle whatever life has in store for you.

Ensuring that your home and work life are properly balanced is something that a lot of women wish they could do. However, many do not know that it is as simple as following a few of these tips. Add new personality to your life and you will not believe how much better it can be.