Five ways to treat yourself following a successful business exit

Have you finally sold your company after years of working hard? Here are five ways you can that yourself to celebrate.

Many business owners have worked their entire lives to build their enterprise from a fledgling company to a strong successful firm. Despite the ambition that has taken them that far, they may have an exit strategy in mind.

The definition of an exit strategy is an approach that will either limit damage or maximize benefits. If you have planned an exit strategy from your own business, it would be hoped that you leave with a healthy profit.

A successful business exit may mean selling a company entirely, liquidating shares, or stepping down for retirement. If you have engineered a successful business exit, you may be feeling somewhat flush and intend to treat yourself.

Here are five ways that you can treat yourself after a successful business exit.

1) Buy a serious diamond ring

One person’s opinion of what constitutes a serious diamond ring may be different from someone else’s. Elizabeth Taylor for instance once owned a 33.19-carat diamond ring bought for her by Richard Taylor.

However, something smaller can still look substantial and will cost enough to make you feel as if you have really treated yourself. The price of a 2-carat diamond will depend on the color, clarity, and cut. But, a GIA-certified 2-carat gemstone could cost between $10,000 and $90,000. This is the price of just the diamond, not the setting.

A diamond ring needn’t just be an extravagant way to treat yourself, it can also be seen as an investment. Historical charts show that diamond prices have generally risen by 14% every year since 1960.

2) Take a trip around the world

For many years you have put your business before your own time, so now is when you should do some catching up. You no longer have to worry about how to handle your business while on holiday so go and see the world.

A round-the-world air ticket can cost about $10,000, and now you are free there is nothing to stop you from taking an extended vacation. Of course, while you are away you may want to try delicacies that suit your destination. If you happen to be in Japan, then you can have the finest steak there is.

3) Buy the most expensive steak

Apologies to any vegetarians but there is an alternative option a bit further below. The most expensive steak in the world is generally thought to be Wagyu. The word Wagyu literally translates to Japanese cow. Though the name is simple, the steak certainly isn’t.

To say that you have had the most expensive steak means buying genuine A5 Wagyu, and it will cost around $1,000. Seeing as you are treating yourself, it may be tempting to dine in Tokyo where the best Wagyu is served. Of course, Wagyu beef is available in the US as well, but you’re treating yourself remember?

If you did want a vegetarian option then the dal baati churma served up at the luxury ITC Maratha hotel in Mumbai will set you back around $300. Possibly the most expensive rice and lentils in the world.

4) Stay in the world’s most expensive hotels

While staying in a hotel is not as lasting as a diamond ring, it can certainly be a treat, and with one particular hotel, your stay will be unlike any other.

The Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine provides what is described as a life-changing experience. Based in St Lucia in the Caribbean, this underwater hotel will set you back $175,000 a night.

If that is a little steep, then how about kicking back in Fiji? You wanted to be free of the 9 to 5, and tackle your bucket list, so how about the Laucala Island Resort Hilltop Estate? One night will cost $60,000 but you do get your own chauffeured Rolls Royce to help you ride in style.

5) Take your friends to a spa retreat

What better way to enjoy a successful business exit than with the ones you love the most? If you’re in a position to treat yourself, then perhaps you might like to include some family or friends also.

A weekend spa getaway isn’t just a great way to spend a relaxing time with your friends, but there are many health benefits too. Studies into wellness retreats have shown that significant improvements can be had in physical health and mental well-being.

Make the most of your years of hard work

It can take years for a successful business exit to come to fruition. You may have had a date in your head for years, and very often business owners find it hard to step away from what they have successfully built over time.

However, if you have made your exit strategy work, and you want to enjoy the years of hard work, then these above ideas may be for you. You can invest in a diamond ring that you can enjoy for years, or you could blow a fortune on one night sleeping underwater.

Photo by Alonso Reyes