Five ways to say no at work (without feeling guilty) – infographic

Do you often find yourself saying “yes” to requests at work, when you’d really rather say “no”? Learn five ways to say no without feeling guilty in this infographic.

It’s not always easy to say no to someone at work. Especially if they ask you really nicely (or beg!) – or if they’re your boss, or someone you owe a favour to.

But saying yes when you really mean no doesn’t help anyone. If you say yes too often you can start to become resentful towards other people and the work you’re doing. Which ultimately can hurt your relationships and reputation more than turning requests down in the first place.

It’s much better for everyone if you are more honest and assertive, and only say yes if you genuinely have the capacity and desire to take on what you’re asked.

All that said, it’s not always easy to turn people down at work! To help make it easier for you to say no, this infographic shares five ways to say no at work without feeling guilty.




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