Five ways to make your home more healthy for your family

Is your home as healthy as you think? Find out what hidden dangers are lurking behind your front door, and five ways you can make your home more healthy. 

It’s easy to assume, when you close the door to your home, you’re shutting out many of the dangers to your family. After all, your home is clean and safe, right?

However, while your home may look clean, there could be hidden health dangers lurking in surprising places. Like the air you’re breathing.

We spend a considerable amount of time in our homes, especially if you work from yours, so it’s important to ensure your home is as health as possible – particularly if you or your children suffer from allergies.

Five ways to make your home more healthy for your family

So what positive steps can you take to ensure your home is as safe as possible? Here are five ways you can make your home more healthy for your family.

1) Air purification

It’s hard to believe, but (depending where you live) indoor air quality can often be worse than outdoor air quality. Researchers have found that harmful chemicals and pollutants tend to build up in enclosed spaces over time. This means that, in dense, metropolitan areas, the air inside your house could be several times worse than the air outside.

One way to tackle this is to buy an air purifier for your home or office. Air purifiers automatically filter the air and reduce fine particles or pollutants. Cutting-edge purifiers, like these from InvisiClean can target airborne allergens to help keep your family and pets safe.

2) Dehumidify

Bacteria and dust mites seek out moisture, just like other living creatures. By reducing the level of moisture in the air air in your home, you’ll reduce the levels of bacteria and dust mites. This will help you and your family avoid allergies and respiratory issues.

A standard dehumidifier or air conditioner is designed to maintain the humidity and temperatures at optimal levels. Therefore, installing an air conditioner in your home is a wise decision.

3) Natural lighting

A lack of natural light can have a severe impact on your circadian rhythms. A combination of prolonged exposure to artificial bright lights and a lack of sunshine can mess with sleep patterns, increase the risk of obesity, and have an impact on moods.

To avoid this, make sure you and your family get at least an hour’s worth of sunshine and natural light every day. You can also leave a window open or move your furniture around to increase the brightness at home naturally.

4) Soundproofing

If you live close to a busy road or airport, your indoor noise levels could regularly reach unhealthy heights. A recent study in Canada found that people living near roads with heavy traffic had a greater risk of developing dementia later in life.

This study concluded that noise and air pollution in busy urban areas could have a direct impact on mental health. So, if your home is noisy, look for ways you can soundproof your walls so that your family and pets are not exposed to high decibels throughout the day.

5) Automated vacuuming

Keeping your floors clean is good way to cut down on dust and fine particles at home, as regularly vacuuming and cleaning floors reduces indoor pollution and cuts the risk of respiratory issues.

If you struggle to clean your floors regularly, robot vacuum cleaners (like these) can help you save time by automating this task – and help keep your home clean while you’re working.

Keep your family healthy at home

Bad indoor air quality, lack of natural light, and excessive noise pollution can all have a serious impact on your family’s health if they are exposed to them for prolonged periods. These five suggestions can help you keep your house clean – and your family healthy.

Photo by Annie Spratt