Five ways to make the most of your outdoor space at home

One perk of being a homeowner is having a private yard that you’re free to use as you wish (within reason)!

For many homeowners, a nice lawn and some picture-perfect shrubbery are all they desire. Others, meanwhile, have grand designs on their outdoor space, and choose to turn it into their perfect outside playground.

Here are five ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

1) Sit around the fire

A firepit can make an inviting addition to any yard. Firepits are traditional, round brick enclosures that are typically encircled by a stone border that is perfect for outdoor furniture, lighting, and decorative plants.

A grill area near the firepit makes an ideal outdoor get-together spot where friends and family can spend fun times enjoying a barbecue and warming themselves by the fire.

While enjoying these moments it’s important to make sure your fire pit is safe. You should do research on the type of fire pit you have to make sure you’re able to enjoy it, but also use it safely.

2) Install an outdoor kitchen

Why stop with just a grill when you can have an entire outdoor kitchen? You can create all of the amenities of an indoor kitchen on your deck, making it easier to entertain guests while you’re cooking, with it constantly popping indoors for something.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you use appliances designed for the outdoors, and use water-resistant materials like teak, stainless steel, or polymer for cabinets and counters. The right outdoor cabinets will last you a lifetime.

If your deck is built off your indoor kitchen area, you can have a professional attach all of the outdoor appliances to the existing electrical and water lines, giving you a fully functional kitchen outdoors for parties and entertaining guests. Your only limitations are your budget and your imagination. You can also contact an artificial grass San Marcos dealer to install artificial grass in your outdoor kitchen space.

3) Play outdoor games

A well-manicured lawn lends itself to outdoor games like badminton and croquet. It’s easy to set up many of these outdoor games, especially if you designate an area of your yard for play.

Another fun game that works well in a backyard is the Italian bowling game bocce ball. This game will require a cement path with astroturf but once installed it will make a unique addition to any home. Perhaps you could even extend the bocce ball path off of the firepit border?

4) A multi-purpose shed

Many people install a simple shed in their backyards to store tools and lawn care equipment. But with the right building and a little creativity, you can have more than just a single-purpose shed.

You can have a place that doesn’t just store your tools, but is also a climate-controlled playroom with carpeting, a seating area, a pool table, an entertainment center, and whatever else you desire.

It can be a great place to go to work on projects, hang out with your friends when it’s cold or raining, or just relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

5) Add a hot tub or pool

Depending on your budget, the size of your yard, and your desires, you can install one or more water amenities, such as a hot tub or an above ground pool. You can even winterize your outdoor fountain.

A water area makes a great addition to any home, as it provides a place to cool off during the summer months, a relaxing experience for family and friends, and a place to get people outside enjoying the sunshine.

Photo by Adheesha Paranagama