Five ways to improve your teaching performance

Every teacher wants to excel in the classroom and be the best possible teacher for their students. Not only will this help your students with their studies, but it will also help your own career and provide greater job satisfaction.

Improving your abilities in the classroom is something that every teacher should be striving for, but how can you go about doing this? There are a number of ways that you can improve your teaching performance that should benefit your students as well as help you to stand out and advance your career. Read on for a few ideas that should help.

1) Take a CAGS in educational leadership

A good place to start is by taking a CAGS in Educational Leadership online. This is a program designed to equip teachers with the practical educational leadership skills that are required to thrive and develop their career. This is a program that helps educators that already hold a masters degree to acquire tools that can improve the outcome of their students, become a more effective teacher and excel in their role.

2) Seek feedback

It can be hard to hear, but seeking feedback is something that every teacher should be doing. You can seek feedback in the form of anonymous surveys from your students and by asking colleagues to observe your lessons. It can be very hard to analyze your own teaching performance, so this should be helpful for identifying your strengths and weaknesses so that you can make improvements. 

3) Improve lesson planning

The key to success in teaching is planning. A lot of the work has to be done outside of the classroom so that you can really make the most out of the limited time that you have with your students. Each lesson must be carefully planned so that you can deliver lessons that are effective, engaging and valuable.

4) Be flexible

Although planning is key, you must also be flexible and willing to adapt the plan on the go. Every single student, class and lesson is different, which means that you need to be able to change and find ways to make the content as engaging as possible for each class. This can be tricky and why it is so important to know your students and have strong observational skills.

5) Know your students

Leading on from this, every great teacher will make the effort to get to know their students. You need to know what their strengths and weaknesses are, the best ways to engage them and how to help them to succeed. Every student is different and this is what can make teaching so challenging yet also highly rewarding. Additionally, try to think beyond the classroom and ensure that there is good communication with parents if you are teaching younger age groups.

If you are looking to improve your performance in the classroom, then these are tips that should prove to be useful and combining a few of these together could make a big difference to your teaching and career.