Five ways to get sexy feet for summer

National Feet Week (17-23 April) is here – what better time to give your feet a little extra TLC? Here are five ways to get sexy feet for summer.

Podiatrists across the country feel that we don’t give our feet enough attention, but a proper footcare routine can take you to new levels of comfort and confidence.

As well as feeling good and doing good, a footcare routine could be a massive turn on for your partner; the world loves feet! Foot fetishism is experiencing a huge boom at the moment – Lovehoney has identified it as the UK’s sixth-most popular fetish, whilst a 2022 Pornhub report showed that “feet” is the most searched-for fetish worldwide.

Podophilia, the technical term for foot fetishism, is increasingly common – as OnlyFans content creators get rich selling feet pics, Google search data shows a 1,043% increase in searches for “feet pics for sale” over the last year. Clearly there’s been a shift in perception in recent years – feet are in right now!

Why do we love feet so much?

It’s unclear why foot fetishism is so popular; at least 5% of heterosexual women and 18% of heterosexual men have fantasized about feet. 21% of gay and bisexual men have also fantasised about feet, compared to 11% of lesbian and bisexual women.

The answer could lie in the mystery of our digits. Like our other most-private parts, our feet are almost always covered, so it feels a bit naughty when you see someone else’s, or vice versa. For that reason, they’re almost vulnerable, so there’s something intimate about letting someone see yours. 

On the other hand, it’s easy to see why a significant proportion of people are repulsed by feet. They can smell cheesy and sweaty. They can be hairy and unkempt. Many people are self-conscious about the state of their own feet, which can deter them from entering into any foot-related fun.

However, from the big screen to the phone screen, it seems like feet are beginning to flourish. Legendary film director Quentin Tarantino has been prominently labelled a foot fetishist in recent years thanks to his eagerness to have his female stars (including Margot Robbie, Uma Thurman and Margaret Qualley) appear barefoot on screen.

Five ways to get sexy feet for summer

Whether you’re totally grossed out by feet and are balking at the thought of taking off your socks in the bedroom or you’re a foot fan, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your feet are looking smooth and sexy at all times.

And, with temperatures beginning to rise, footcare expert Margaret Dabbs OBE takes a look at five ways you can keep your feet looking sexy for summer.

1) Tackle your calluses 

Now, if you’re a foot fetishist, dating one or have been with one in the past, you might know that some foot enthusiasts are into corns, calluses and gnarled, cracked feet. For the most part, however, soft soles are seriously sought-after. It can be hard to keep your feet looking good, particularly if you’re active and sporty.

Margaret says: “Get a dedicated foot file or callus remover and get to work yourself – you can get great results at home without needing to go to a podiatrist or foot massage specialist.” 

2) Don’t let cracked heels rub you the wrong way

For many people, their Achilles’ heel – when it comes to feet – is their actual heel. A hotspot for cracked, dry and damaged skin, heels can easily become rough, requiring special care and attention. Hot showers and baths will only serve to dry out your sensitive heel skin further, so it can be difficult to tackle cracked heels. 

Margaret says: “Hydration is key to achieving sexy feet. Dedicated cracked heel balms are vitamin-rich and will nourish your heels to get them ready for the bedroom.”

3) Smell good, feel good

Ok, ok. We’ve all come back from a long day at work with smelly feet. It isn’t great – though some foot fetishists will savour that smell, it’s a bit of a turnoff for most. Anti-odour insoles can help alleviate smell, or air fresheners placed in shoes whilst you’re not wearing them. Investing in some shoe hygiene will keep your feet smelling good enough to eat! 

Margaret says: “Scented moisturisers will not only do good, but they’ll also feel good and smell good too! Or, if you’re looking for a more high-tech solution, a plug-in electric shoe freshener can clean, purify, and deodorise your footwear whilst you wait!”

4) Tailor your toenails 

Toenails can easily become damaged, cracked or yellow – even if your soles are soft and silky, you’ll want to make sure every inch of your feet is kept in amazing condition.

Margaret says: “Getting a professional pedicure is one thing, but it’s important to stay on top of your toenail hygiene in-between visits. A home pedicure kit will include all the tools you need for effortless nail shaping and amazing results.”

5) Sock it to ‘em

Wearing the right socks is an underrated way to improve the look and feel of your feet. Over time, your older pairs of socks will lose their softness and increase friction, leading to dry skin and chapped ankles and heels. New socks could give your feet a new lease of life!

Margaret says: “Pure cotton socks are kinder to skin, and you should avoid chemically treated socks that use dyes. If you’re struggling with dry skin on your feet, changing your socks could help your feet feel healthier and happier.”

Give your feet a little extra care

So, there you have it – if you’re looking to get sexier feet ahead of the summer months, you’ve come to the right place. And, whilst there’s no pressure to be into feet, kink shaming is never okay. As long as your activities involve consenting adults and nobody’s getting hurt, it’s all fine in our book!  

This National Feet Week, make sure to give your feet a little extra care – it could have huge benefits for you and your sex life!