Five useful tips to help you choose the right shower head

With so many sizes, shapes, and patterns to choose from, buying the perfect shower head can be confusing. Here are five useful tips to help you.

If you walk into a bathroom or DIY store, check out all the types, calculate the pros and cons of each one, it might take you forever to choose the perfect shower head.

To help speed up the decision-making process, here are a few tips that can come in handy while you’re trying to figure out which shower head will suit you the best.

1) Spray patterns

A single-spray shower head is the usually basic option, and costs the least. But the present-day shower heads are available in multiple spray pattern options.

Common spray patterns include massage, rain, rinse, power, pulsating, champagne, or a combination of two or more of these. Pulsating and massage patterns are gentle and soothing on your body while rinse gives you that overwhelmingly soaking feel. Rain pattern stays true to its name with its drizzling effect. Along with the patterns, you must also consider the intensity of the shower head.

2) Water pressure

Though most people prefer high water pressure, a low-pressure shower head has its pros as well. Low-pressure shower heads help you cut on water bills and reduce wastage by restricting the water flow. While it’s economical, the delays in temperature adjustment can be frustrating.

On the other hand, high-pressure showers are more satisfying due to the rapid water flow through its small nozzles. They’re also budget-friendly and you can expect complete value for money.

Types of spray patterns in low-pressure heads are limited which isn’t the case with the high-pressure ones. Unless you feel comfy in low-pressure showers, there’s no reason to overlook a strong high-pressure shower head.

3) Double it up

If you’re looking for simplicity, a wall-mounted single shower head makes a good choice. But you might have to move a lot more to clean your entire body.

If you live in an area with low water pressure, you can bring the hand-held head close to your body and make your bath enjoyable. This is also great if you have kids and pets in the family.

As a bonus, cleaning the bathrooms is easy peasy with hand-held shower heads as you can shoot the dirty spot with water after scrubbing it. If you’re wondering how to clean the shower head, check out the instruction manual provided along with the shower head.

Can’t choose between mounted and the hand-held ones? A dual shower head or 2-in-1 shower head puts you in a win-win situation with the combination of a mounted shower head and a hand-held shower head. The spray settings are individual and open for a lot of customization.

4) Looking For Luxury?

Regular can sometimes be boring, especially if you’re looking to renovate your shower experience. Here comes the waterfall shower. It’s aesthetic, luxurious, and cool. To be able to produce the drenching effect of a waterfall, they should be mounted in a specified way.

Another great option would be installing body spray shower heads to experience spa-like wellness at home. Thanks to technology, you can also install shower heads with speakers to make your pampering time wholesome.

5) Conservation

Water conservation is more important than ever for our planet. Plus, you can reduce the bills. Choosing a low-flow shower head is recommended for maximum energy savings. Low-flow shower heads have a flow rate ranging from 1.6 to 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute). But a reduced flow rate doesn’t compromise the quality of the shower. In fact, low-flow shower heads work great under high as well as low water pressures.

If this sounds interesting, we recommend you choose a low-flow shower head that comes with a flow restrictor. This helps you in controlling the flow according to your preferences. A low-flow shower head takes at least 25 seconds to fill a bucket (whose capacity is a gallon). You can run this test before buying.

Which type of shower head is right for you?

Keeping these points in mind will let you narrow down your search and finally arrive at the perfect shower head that can splash your troubles away after a long day. Feel free to reach out to a certified plumber about choosing a shower head according to your home’s plumbing line.