Five top tips for landing your dream job

Are you done raising your kids, and looking to re-enter the workforce? Perhaps you’re just stuck in a rut and need a change?

Whatever your age or circumstances, it’s always possible to go after your perfect role. To help you get it, we have put together these five top tips for landing your dream job. 

1) Create or update your resume

Even if you are not new to the working world, brush up on your resume skills. A lot has probably changed since you last created a resume. Creating an updated one will give you the clean slate you’re looking for. To be in step with the latest resume trends, check out the many online resources available.

Don’t fret about how to compile a resume. You don’t need special skills to do this since there are countless free resume templates online to choose from. A professional resume is your first step to landing your dream job. It is the first contact that hiring managers will have with you, so get off to a good start.

This will save you a lot of time and hassle, but to avoid looking too generic, add a personal touch with a special font for the header. Be sure to include relevant information such as work experience (if any), educational achievements, and academic qualifications. Include one or two references, too.

2) Make sure that you know what your dream job is

Most people can answer when asked what type of field they’re like to work in. Whether it’s the medical field, the industrial sector, or the corporate world, this is often easy to establish. But although you may know which industry you want to be involved with, you may not have narrowed a specific job yet.  

Carefully consider the type of job you’d like to do, and if it aligns with your dreams and goals. Are you still struggling? Make a list of all the aspects your dream job should have. For example, remote work capability, or regular travel. Be as specific as possible, to pinpoint your ideal, dream job.

If you just cannot get any clarity on your dream job or are torn between two or more choices, get in touch with a life coach. Discuss your goals, interests, and skills with them. Sometimes all that is needed, is an outside perspective.

3) Do research into your dream job

If your dream job is not a specific position, but rather any job available at a specific company, do your research. Almost every business has a webpage and several social media accounts. Learn more about the company’s mission, its core values, and the company culture.

In this way, you will learn more about your dream job environment, and also be well informed when you get an interview for that dream job. A passion for the company and what it does will make you stand out from other interviewees.

4) Get the skills necessary for the job

If you are not qualified for the job of your choice, there are many options available to you. You can even continue working while studying for your dream job. Online studies and night classes make this possible, even around a busy work schedule.

Sometimes, a hobby can help you gain the skills needed for your dream job, too. Are there any hobbies that tie in with your dream job, that you can engage in? Watch some YouTube videos about people who are already doing your dream job. You’ll glean valuable info this way.

Above all, be realistic. Dreams are important, but some dream jobs are aptly named – they stay dreams. This is often due to unrealistic expectations. If you’re aiming to study towards your dream job, but you have young kids at home, pace yourself. Many courses can be done on a part-time basis.

5) Join the right social groups

Whatever your dream job may be, chances are there’s a group or society affiliated with it. Join an online group, or attend free workshops and events. This will not only give you a better idea of what they’re all about but will put you in touch with the right people. 

Workshops, open days, and other such events can teach you a lot about the industry you want to get into. It can also help you narrow down your choices if you have not yet decided on a specific role you’d like to play in the organization.

You could take yet another approach. Become a volunteer, and do charitable work for an organization that is related to your dream job. In this way, you get hands-on training and give back to the community.