Five tips to help you choose jewelry that makes you feel fabulous

Embracing your personal flair doesn’t have to mean draping yourself in gemstones from head to toe (though if that’s your style, more power to you).

However, jewelry items that truly resonate with your soul are quite rare and require extra effort to find. Pieces that can elevate your outfits and your spirits deserve a thoughtful approach. Also, you have to consider your budget. After all, everyone can find fabulous things on an unlimited budget! 

But, even on a less generous budget, you’re not doomed to wear jewelry pieces you find only slightly interesting. With a bit of determination and creativity, you’re bound to find those unique items that fit your style. Here’s how.

1) Curate with intention

Start by defining what ‘fabulous’ means to you. Is it the bold sparkle of a vintage statement necklace or the whispering elegance of minimalist gold hoops? 

Be open and honest with yourself to understand what truly melts your heart. Once you know what works for you, it’s easier to look for and curate pieces that align with your vision. 

Think about occasions as well. You should have a collection of iconic items that work well with both fancy and casual events. So, always be on the lookout for versatile items for daily wear and special gems that make those big moments unforgettable.

2) Seek quality over quantity

While it’s tempting to accumulate a copious assortment of trinkets, there comes a time when you understand that “less is more.” 

If you’re there already, it’s time to reconsider your preferences when it comes to jewelry items. For instance, it’s a lot more rewarding to invest in fewer, high-caliber items that highlight your elevated tastes when it comes to elegance. 

Furthermore, high-quality pieces last longer, look better, and carry a timeless charm. Focus on craftsmanship and materials – choose sterling silver, precious stones, or even artisanal creations over fast-fashion disposables.

It’s best to apply the same discernment in quality for your everyday jewelry that you would reserve for selecting your wedding rings. After all, you wouldn’t choose any design or combination of materials and gemstones for your wedding rings. So why would you be more lenient when selecting regular jewelry?

3) Look for flexible or ergonomic jewelry

If you like staying up to date with the latest changes, check out this flexible jewelry trend in 2024. While flexibility and high-end jewelry don’t usually go together, some brands managed to find the middle way. 

This new trend brings you light, soft, and flexible high-end designs created by well-known names in the industry. These pieces are easy to wear and make you feel fabulous regardless of your outfit. 

Plus, this is not a fleeting fad – these are gorgeous pieces designed to stand the test of time. So find the ones that speak to you on a deeper level and add them to your collection!

4) Embrace your narrative

If you want to make sure all the pieces in your collection make you feel fabulous, then you shouldn’t treat jewelry as just an embellishment. Instead, treat these accessories as a form of self-expression and storytelling. 

Furthermore, you can make regular jewelry pieces feel special. For instance, a simple locket can become extremely dear to you if you use it to carry something precious, like sand from your hometown beach. 

Jewelry can also have interesting origins, like a pair of custom-made cufflinks fashioned from heirloom silverware. 

The stories behind our favorite accessories are what make them priceless and dear to our hearts. So, hunt for pieces that connect with your life story or milestones. Jewelry should be more than decoration, it should resonate with the chapters of your life.

5) Consider versatility and layering

Versatility should be at the core of your collection. Look for pieces that go well with a variety of outfits and other accessories, and avoid owning too many loud items (unless this is your favorite style). 

Additionally, consider how pieces layer together to create a harmonious image. For instance, you can transform a plain-looking pendant necklace into a staple piece if you add it to a stack of chains varying in length and texture

Make every day feel like a catwalk moment

At the end of the day, the secret to finding jewelry that makes you feel fabulous stands in listening to your heart. Don’t be afraid to choose pieces that speak to you and make you feel alive, even though they’re not on-trend or super high-quality.

With intention and an eye for the uniquely fabulous, even the slimmest budget can unearth treasures that make every day feel like a catwalk moment.