Five tips to help make a small place feel more spacious

Need help making a small space feel a little less tiny? Here are five tips to help you create an illusion of space.

Designing your new space can feel daunting, no matter how small it may be. To help you, we’ve compiled five helpful design tips to help you create a more spacious-feeling small living space.

1) Keep it light

The key to designing a beautiful small space is to keep it light: light colors, light furnishings, and bright lighting are your friend. 

2) Keep your space clutter-free 

It can be all too easy to overfill a small space leaving you with a cramped and cluttered feel as opposed to the light and cozy space you’re after. When moving or designing a new space, start by clearing out all of the items you don’t need.

The remaining items can be tucked away in the garage or under the bed if used infrequently, placed on display if sentimental or delicate, or put somewhere accessible if used all of the time. Adding lots of storage to your new space can help you keep it looking tidy. Consider an ottoman with hidden storage, a small TV console, or floating shelves.

3) Opt for fewer, higher quality, pieces

Keeping your space clutter-free requires the right furniture. A few light, small, leggy pieces will help keep your space feeling open. Instead of buying lots of smaller pieces around which you and your guests would have to navigate, purchase just a couple of pieces that are perfect for your space and leave the center of the room more open.

For a customizable fit, try a modular sofa and consider an outdoor friendly fabric to accommodate all of your guests without the need for worrying about stains. Also consider transparent materials such as glass or acrylic coffee and side tables as these materials appear to take up less space in the room. 

4) Draw the eye up

When designing a small space, it’s important to make use of all of the space you do have–including vertical. To do so, make good use of your wall space. Consider hanging just a few large pieces of art. Install a tall, vertical shelving unit or floating shelves going high up the wall.

This of course has the added bonus of helping you minimize the decorative items that may otherwise clutter up your more frequently used surfaces. Consider installing a chandelier, moulding, or a set of light and flowy floor-to-ceiling drapes to draw the eye up.

5) Use mirrors

There are several advantages to using mirrors when designing a small space. Besides their obvious function in allowing you or your guests to check their appearance, mirrors can create the illusion of more space.

Adding a tall, vertical mirror can draw the eye upwards and elongate your living space. Mirrors also bounce light around the room. This feature lends them to brighten your room acting as another source of light which beautifully blends both natural and artificial sources. Placing one above a fireplace can make your space feel clean and put together. Alternatively, placing one by the door can allow you a last look before rushing out the door. 

Before starting your search for all of the beautiful pieces you’ll need to create your cozy new living space, check out these tips for safe online shopping. Once you’ve done that, check out Houzz for inspiration on how to decorate a small space across different styles. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below for more lifestyle tips.Need help making a small space feel a little less tiny? Here are five tips to crate an illusion of space.