Five tips on finding the best timeshare cancellation attorney

Want to exit your timeshare without being overly penalised? Read five tips on finding the best timeshare cancellation attorney.

Resorts that offer timeshares often use deceptive tactics to convince people to buy in. When they want to get out of their timeshares, they find that no one will buy them and even if the resort allows people to break their contracts, it comes at a high price.

Instead of playing a rigged game, most people choose to find timeshare cancellation attorneys who can advocate for their rights and help them exit the agreements more effectively. Read on to find five tips for how to choose an attorney.

1) Find a firm that specializes in timeshare law

Attorneys often specialize in practicing one area of law over another, which means it’s important to find a firm that has dealt with similar cases. Anyone who wants to get out of a timeshare should seek out an attorney who specializes in timeshare law and cancellations because that’s the best way to ensure that they will get targeted legal help from someone who is completely up-to-date on all the relevant regulations.

2) Ask about experience

Hiring an attorney who is just out of law school is a losing proposition unless they are working under a more experienced lawyer. Be sure to ask about the attorney or firm’s experience handling similar cancellations. While it’s true that everyone has to get started somewhere, no smart timeshare owner wants their case to be the first one a lawyer has ever handled.

3) Make sure the law firm is transparent about fees

Just like timeshare sales representatives, some timeshare exit companies utilize shady business practices like tacking on additional costs and including hidden fees. Timeshare attorneys should always be transparent about what they plan to charge. Whether they charge by the hour or ask for a flat fee for their services, it’s important to know what to expect.

4) Check their reputation

These days, it’s easier than ever to check on a lawyer’s reputation and avoid common timeshare exit scams. Most people still start by asking friends and family members for referrals. However, not all timeshare owners know other people who have bought into this type of scheme. For those that don’t, a simple internet search is usually enough to offer insight into an attorney’s reputation and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

5) Ask what to expect

Even if a company offers attorney-based services, it’s not always true that a lawyer works directly on each case. When it comes time to evaluate contracts, negotiate with timeshare companies, or initiate legal proceedings, it’s important to have a specific attorney assigned to the case.

Timeshare owners should ask who will be handling their exits and what they should expect in terms of legal representation and active participation on the part of the client. Clients should expect to receive regular updates throughout the process and should have a good understanding of the legal strategy being used to terminate the timeshare contract.

Get your search started

Since it takes some time to find the right timeshare exit attorney, timeshare owners should start the process of finding legal representation as soon as they decide they want to get out. Just be careful not to fall for scams or tricks on behalf of the timeshare company.

The company may try to convince current owners that the only way to exit a timeshare is to sell it back to them for pennies on the dollar. Be sure to consult a qualified lawyer before trying to negotiate any kind of agreement with the resort or timeshare company.