Five tips for marketing a cannabis business

The cannabis industry is booming and with good reason. This valuable plant offers a range of benefits that can touch nearly every aspect of our lives.

That’s why it’s no surprise that people are interested in different consumption methods and various cannabis products and accessories. You can find a great selection of products from grinders to desktop vaporizers at established brands like Grasscity, who are doing their best to satisfy their customers’ needs by constantly introducing new products.

However, there are many people still on the fence about getting involved in the cannabis market. Some people believe it is too late to get involved while others worry about the legal implications. Many people fail to realize that now is a fantastic time to get into the cannabis market.

In recent months, the cannabis market has seen major increases in value which have made it more attractive to investors. It is important to note that there are some risks involved with investing in the cannabis industry however now is still the most ideal time to get involved. If this sounds enticing, you will need to focus heavily on marketing which can be difficult so here are five tips for marketing as a cannabis business. 

1) Don’t neglect SEO 

Search engine optimization is the effort put into improving your search engine ranking. This can be done in a variety of ways including optimizing your websites and blogs as well as any other form of online content that you have, if you have a website you must ensure that it is easy to navigate and that there it is not slow because this will result in people using another website instead of yours which will negatively impact your SEO ranking.

You should also focus on long-tail keywords which have dominion over 70% of the total searches online. You should use long-tail keywords to boost your conversion rates and improve your organic reach. If you neglect your SEO, you will receive lower search results which have negative effects on your brand awareness. 

2) Try the local market

By focusing on your local market, you can attract visibility at a much lower cost. Digital marketing is important however you must also focus on your local market and you can do this by sourcing low-cost advertisers who will help you reach your buyers. Non-mainstream media is also a good channel because they are not selective about their ads.

Another more expensive option is billboard advertising. This form of advertising will help you attract your target audience effectively and will give your business good visibility as long as you follow the guidelines which can be strict. Lastly, you should get yourself listed as a local business on Google so that people who are searching for products locally will spot your business. 

3) Advertise where you can 

There are many avenues available that you can use to advertise and you should use as many of them as you possibly can. You can use radio advertising where you will find any broadcasting platforms willing to accept cannabis ads. Make sure you choose a radio station based on your audience demographics to help you run an effective targeted campaign.

A little hack: customers need to hear a cannabis ad at least 3 times for it to impact them greatly. Apart from radio advertising, you can also use social media marketing which is another effective strategy that will help you reach a much wider audience organically or through paid ads or influencer marketing.

4) Go to conventions and events 

Conventions are a space where people within the same niche all come together and set up stalls with their products on display. This is an opportunity to network with your peers in the cannabis industry and form relationships while advertising your business.

Events on the other hand allow you to have physical interactions with your buyers and allow them to attach a face and personality to the brand which establishes brand loyalty and boosts brand awareness. Neglecting this form of advertising inhibits growth and you won’t have the opportunity to network. 

5) Provide great customer service 

Great customer service is very impactful and encourages loyalty to your business. Whether you provide customer service digitally or physically, ensure that you are friendly and respectful towards your customers. Take proactive steps to pay attention to the needs of your customers and then cater to those needs.

Always be prepared to help and answer every inquiry quickly and in a helpful manner. And always remain professional and put your customers first because poor customer service will result in a reduced amount of customers interacting with your business which will result in a loss of profit and a bad reputation.