Five tips every rideshare driver should know

The rideshare market is growing, with a global market share projected to hit approximately £120.88 billion this year.

Today, platforms like Uber, Bolt and Taxiapp UK are gradually beginning to gain traction and slowly fading off the traditional taxi system. So, if you’re looking to earn some side income as a driver, now is a perfect time, as experts predict that rideshare services will get more popular.

But your success will require more than just being able to drive. In this article we share five important tips worth knowing if you want to be a rideshare driver. 

1) Keep your car in great working condition

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Take good care fo your car, and it will take good care of you or, in this case, your passengers. Don’t skimp on regular maintenance and car washes. Washing your car at least once every two weeks will make it visually more appealing and reduce the chances of a customer cancelling your service at the mere sight of your car.

Also, be sure to clean your car’s interior before and after picking up a passenger. Leftover trash and dirt from previous passengers lingering in your car are a massive turn-off. 

2) Choose a fuel-efficient car

It makes sense that you’ll want to cut down on your fuel costs as much as possible to make profits as a rideshare driver. The last thing you want is all your money going into purchasing fuel. That’s why you need to be careful about what car or car model you drive.

You want a car that can give you extra miles before burning out, which is why many people consider smaller cars. They weigh less and have smaller engines, so they consume less fuel. 

3) Don’t ignore comfort

While smaller cars may be more fuel-efficient, there’s also the issue of comfort, as they usually have little legroom for backseat passengers. That is where bigger or more spacious luxury cars have an advantage.

Cars like Range Rover offer a lot of space, and models like the Range Rover Evoque are becoming surprisingly less fuel-demanding. The more comfortable your passengers feel, the higher the rating you’ll likely get. Dealers like Listers have some of the most comfortable and spacious used Range Rovers you can consider. 

4) Switch to food delivery around meal times

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One great thing about being an independent rideshare driver is that you can switch between different services and double your earnings. So, why not consider adding other services like food delivery during meal times?

Approximately 51% of the UK population bought foods and drinks online as of June 2023, offering a massive pool of potential earnings to tap. Platforms like Uber Eats already allow their drivers to deliver meals, so you can easily switch to that service during meal times. 

5) Provide excellent customer service

Remember, you’re in the service industry as a rideshare driver. It may be stressful sometimes, and your passengers may work your last nerves, but you must aim to deliver the best driving experience for each passenger you pick.

Start by being calm and friendly, ready to offer assistance with heavy luggage. Also, pay attention to each passenger’s mood and let that guide your interactions with them. For example, some passengers may prefer to be quiet during the ride with no interaction, and you’ll have to respect that.