Five things you need when moving to Chelsea, New York

Planning to move to Chelsea, New York? Here are five things you need. 

If you’re moving to the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, you’ve got quite a few things to consider. Things like housing, transportation, and general questions about what essentials you will need to get by from day to day are common concerns of people planning to take the dive and live in New York City.

Check out this brief NYC starter pack to get you started with the moving process.

1) A Metro card

If you live in New York, taking the metro is an inevitable part of city life unless you have a chauffeur. Ubers and taxi fares can add up very quickly in New York. For just 2.75, you have a one-way ride on the metro. Getting a metro card is one of the first things you want to do when you get to the city. The metro is often quicker than traveling by car thanks to that lovely NYC traffic!

2) An elevator pitch

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, you will want to do some research on what an elevator pitch is and how to craft one for yourself or for your business.

Chelsea is a hub for professionals and a live wire of connections. If you love networking, you will love New York. You never know who may be next to you on the subway or behind you in the line at the coffee shop. Always be on your A-game and know how to connect professionally!

3) An affordable apartment

In a starter pack about moving to New York, the elephant in the room must be addressed. Finding an affordable apartment in the city can be a daunting task.

Thankfully there are websites like Loftey that are experienced in connecting consumers to Chelsea apartments. The right tools with make transitioning to NYC living easier by enabling you to shop through their sites to bring you below market rates at no additional cost and without hidden fees.

4) Warm, stylish clothing

It’s cold in New York for most of the year. It doesn’t help that the majestic skyscrapers that, while charming, block the majority of sunlight. The smog also makes this city not-so-sunny.

However, just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can step out in your PJs. New York is renowned as the fashion capital of the world.

So even in the winter be prepared to dress your best. Some essential wardrobe pieces include a warm coat that fits well, a pair of dark wash jeans, and fashionable boots that are optimized for frigid temperatures and maximum comfort.

5) An open mind

You can’t come to New York and expect it to be just like home. While New York will have no trouble finding a special place in your heart, keep in mind that this city does things a little differently than the rest of America.

This means you need to expect to see some things you’ve never seen before, taste foods you’ve never heard of, and meet people unlike anyone else you knew from your hometown. New York City is an entire experience all on its own. In that case, you might want to visit a few times before committing to make the move.