Five things you need to know about cannabis marketing

Despite widespread legalization, marijuana is still a very controversial topic in America. Discover five things you need to know about cannabis marketing if you’re in the industry.

The substance has been illegal in the US for decades and as a result, a deep negative stigma has developed about the plant. In an evolutionary change of events, the attitudes towards marijuana started shifting as legalization started spreading and more research was being done about marijuana.

Marijuana is now being legalized for medical and recreational use, whereas in the past, it was illegal and people found in possession were criminalized and thrown in prison. This shift has resulted in corporations taking a keen interest in this blossoming industry, and many sites that sell cannabis-related products, like Canna Cabana, becoming popular.

A vital aspect of the cannabis business is marketing which is not easy because the federal law still considers marijuana a controlled substance. Keep reading to learn more about marketing in the cannabis industry.

1) Guest posts 

The first tip is to focus your attention and efforts on guest posts or blog posts. This is a great opportunity to use your creativity to create a platform that informs people about the truth of cannabis, its uses, the different types, benefits as well as different consumption methods that are available.

We are living in the information age and people are looking for educational content that adds to their knowledge. Knowing this means you have the responsibility to post informative and accurate information to the public. You might be in the cannabis industry and want it to grow and thrive, however, you also have the responsibility to communicate any potential risks associated with consumption, if there are any.

An example of great education content would be to relay studies and research done on medical marijuana and the health conditions that it treats. Another idea would be to educate people on the difference between THC and CBD because people who are unfamiliar with marijuana are under the impression that it makes you high, unaware that you get different types that induce different effects. People are generally unaware of this and as a result, they stay away from cannabis because they associate it with being high.

2) Social media 

Social media has everybody in a literal chokehold and as a business, you have to use this tool to your advantage. There are billions of people active on social media from around the world which is a great potential audience to target.

You can use your social media to educate in a creative way. You can post pictures of different strains with informative captions, you can post different consumption methods with captions detailing everything the public needs to know. You can inform the public of the latest technology and innovation in the industry and you can even use your social media to advertise small cannabis businesses.

Social media ads for cannabis are prohibited because social media marketing is governed by federal law, so you won’t be able to access that feature, unfortunately. All paid cannabis advertising on social media is illegal and can get you in trouble so avoid this. 

3) Ad laws 

As mentioned, social media paid advertising is governed by federal law and states that paid cannabis advertising is illegal. If you want to do billboard advertising, you will need to show proof of your license for it to be displayed.

Google ads are prohibited because of federal law and TV ads are only allowed under certain circumstances. If you are going to advertise, do not include elements that appeal to kids and do not suggest any health benefits. You cannot show cannabis consumption in your ad and you should not include testimonies. Your best bet is to work with a professional marketer if you have feelings of doubt.

4) Billboard laws 

Billboards are another (very expensive) advertising option. To advertise using billboards, you will need to show proof of your license and give up some control to the billboard agency who need to have control over the way the billboard looks as well as the vocabulary used. You cannot portray cannabis consumption on billboards.

5) Start local

Your best bet is to start local. It is easier to dominate a local market than to just throw yourself deep into the national or even global market. Take a wholesome approach by setting up a stand at local festivals. Local advertisement will also be more affordable and controlled. The federal restrictions of advertisement also make local advertisement more achievable.