Five things we’ve all learned from WFH

Working from home isn’t a new thing – but many of us have had an (enforced) first taste of what it’s been like over this past year.

It’s fair to say that working from home has been a new – sometimes exciting and sometimes stressful – experience for millions of people. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the things we’ve all learnt while working from home (WFH).

1) It’s important to pull yourself away from your desk

When in the office, it’s easy to stay glued to your seat, work through your lunch and eat your food over your keyboard. Being at home has changed the way many of us look at this. When you don’t leave the house – and maybe even one room – it’s more important than ever to take your eyes off a screen or stretch your legs.

And, helpfully, our homes have the solution with better things to do with our lunch times – so there are push and pull factors. Whether you catch up on one of your favourite TV programmes, prep for dinner or go for a walk with your child, working from home has shone a new light on the importance of breaks.

2) Your work uniform now consists of comfy bottoms and a smart top

While you may have previously opted for trousers and a nice shirt, a WFH uniform can consist of a nice top – just in case you get a video call with your boss – but comfortable bottoms. WFH has definitely made ‘work joggers’ a thing. Embrace it while you can.

3) Investing in a desk was the best decision you made

Having a designated workspace is vital. Not only does it help to keep you organised, but it can help you separate your home life and job. Especially when working from home for an extended amount of time.

Not many people have (or had) a designated office and, when working from home became the new norm, we soon realised how important it was to get a desk to avoid kitchen tables and the living room sofa becoming ‘the office’. In fact, it has been revealed that Brits spent almost £2billion on new desks last year.

4) This can be a long-term thing

Balancing everything has been tough for many people – but lots of others have realised that ditching office life can have its benefits.

While it was a lot to adjust to, research has revealed that nearly three-quarters of working parents would like to continue working remotely in some capacity – with 52% saying spending more time with the kids is the best reason to become a stay-at-home parent. We’ve proved we can be productive at home – and don’t need the commute every day if we don’t want it.

5) Your Wi-Fi speed is important

How much interest have you paid to your exact internet speed? It turns out home Wi-Fi has never played a more vital part in our day-to-day lives than when the world went into lockdown.

Suddenly whole households were working from home and dropping out of video calls were the equivalent to being stuck in traffic. Asking if you want faster broadband speeds has never felt more appealing – and checking you’re getting a good deal is essential.

Working from home has brought with it many challenges for everyone around the world. Some love and some hate it but everyone can agree it has been an experience.