Five things to know when building an image for your business

Is your business struggling to find its voice? Have you recently started your own small projects or small business? Are you wondering how you’re going to compete with bigger, more established brands?

It can be tough establishing your small business when you’re just starting out. You don’t yet have an audience or following, nor the budget to compete with larger, more established companies.

So it’s important to have the right tactics in place from the word go. To help you, here are five things to know when building an image for your business.

1) Know your audience

First things first, you need to spend some time and identify your target audience. Are you solving a problem for stay at home moms? Do you have a product that will benefit athletes? When you’ve pinpointed who your target audience is, shape your brand around their needs. 

For instance, put yourself in their shoes, develop a persona for them to better help you understand what exactly makes them tick. Ask yourself who exactly is my ideal customer? When you know your audience, building an image for your business will be easier.

2) Pick the right marketing campaign for you

Marketing your business is a vital part of your growth. How will you best be able to engage with and attract your targeted audience? Will you use social media or rely on word of mouth recommendations? There are countless ways and strategies to put your business out there across to consumers. You could look out for StrawberryFrog’s movement marketing strategy to help you create that breakthrough campaign and grow your brand. 

3) Project your core values

It is important for you to identify your audience and choose the right kind of marketing campaign for your company. However, another factor that is equally crucial to nail is developing your mission statement.

Your mission statement is a message that summarizes what your business strives to do. It will easily be found on your social media accounts and company website. What makes your business unique? How can you add value to your customers? What is your brand’s personality? This message is what you will be seen and known for by your customers. 

Really establishing your mission statement from the get-go is key in growing a successful business.  

4) Stay on top of your public relations 

After laying down your foundation stones, you need to work on maintaining them. 

Managing your customer interactions is crucial. It is important to constantly generate a buzz for your business by disseminating your message and business news around online publications, blogs, and news outlets. 

Generating content through blog posts that are search engine optimized is a great way to improves your brand’s ranking on search engines. Emails are also a valuable channel to maximize your reach. These would increase the amount of traffic to your website is a sure way of building your business. 

5) Don’t forget to use social media

Social media is a useful tool for distributing business-related information and communicating with customers and industry influencers. A strong social media presence can boost website traffic and improve your brand’s image among new and existing clients.

Managing and running your own social media campaigns take effort, time and knowledge. But, this is one of the most cost-efficient and accessible ways to building your image. 

Consistency Is King!

If the above did not resonate with you, the one major takeaway from this post should be that:

  • you
  • your work
  • your message
  • your posts
  • your image; should all always be consistent.

Consistency is what could make or break your brand and image. Building your business and its image will take time. Remember that there is no one size that fits all. Your journey of growth may take time, but it is important to not give up, and remember to always be consistent.