Five things to consider before buying a sit-stand desk

Sit-stand desks have been growing in popularity over the past decade. Here are five things you need to consider before buying one.

Medical experts have been warning people about the physical and mental problems they might face if they don’t move frequently while working long hours behind a traditional office desk. 

These warnings have encouraged millions of workers to invest in sit-stand desks.

However, don’t assume that all sit-stand desks are the same. Before you spend your hard-earned money on brand new adjustable sit stand desks, consider doing a little research first. 

Why should I buy a sit-stand desk?

If you haven’t yet joined the sit-stand desk bandwagon, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. According to research, people who have desk jobs spend 75% of their day sitting down. 

Sitting down for long periods of time without moving can have a devastating impact on your overall health and well-being. It can cause all sorts of health issues such as heart problems, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. 

Often, physical therapists advise their patients to invest in sit-stand desks to help them stay active while at work. Here are some of the health benefits these modern desks provide:

  • They can help you stay fit while working
  • They can help alleviate back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • They can help to reduce stress
  • They can help you stay focused
  • They can help increase productivity

If you’re thinking of investing in a sit-stand desk, here are five things to consider.

1) Is the desk easy to use?

You don’t want to purchase a stand-sit desk that isn’t user friendly. If you bought a desk that is difficult to set up and use, you might end up going back to your traditional desk instead. 

Luckily, most desks are easy to get the hang of. Most come with a user’s manual, so don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s guidelines thoroughly before you begin using the desk. 

Before buying the desk, check to see if the user’s manual is available on the internet. A lot of manufacturers will allow people to download the manual for free on their official website, and if it seems too complicated to set up, then you might want to look for an alternative. 

A lot of consumers like to post reviews on the internet. To get a clear insight into what it is like to use the desk, look for honest reviews posted online. 

If you are buying from an online marketplace, check to see what previous customers have to say about the desks they have bought.  

2) Do you have enough space for a sit-stand desk in your office?

Before buying the desk, make sure you measure your office space. Sit-stand desks are available in a wide range of different sizes, so you are bound to find one that fits in your office. However, some are a lot bigger than others, so you will want to make sure you have enough room before making the investment. 

Don’t forget to leave space for an ergonomic chair. Just because you have enough room in your office for the desk, keep in mind that you will need space for a chair too. 

If you plan on buying the desk online, you should have no problems finding the desk’s exact measurements. 

Of course, the desk must be big enough for your computer and all of your work files, but you might want to avoid investing in a desk that takes up too much space. 

Because most sit-stand desks don’t come with a drawer, you might want to buy a bigger desk that provides you with plenty of work surface so you can store files, folders, pens, etc. 

3) Find a style you like

Can’t seem to find a stylish sit-stand desk in your local office furniture store? Don’t worry, because these desks are so popular today, there are tons of options online

Sit-stand desks are available in a variety of finishes and materials, so you should have no problems finding a nice looking desk that suits your office’s current decor. Avoid spending your money on the first desk you come across. 

Quality desks not only look good but they are also built to last too. If you want office furniture that lasts several years, choose quality over style. 

4) Research as much information as possible about the desk

If you want more information about a desk before buying one, consider asking the seller or the manufacturer for more details. Here are some of the questions you might want to ask before buying a brand new desk:

  • Is the desk easy to assemble?
  • Can it support your weight?
  • Does it come with desk hooks?
  • Does it have a rack that can hold cables?
  • Does it have a crossbar?
  • Does it make noise?
  • Is it available in different colors?
  • Is it easy to mount a monitor stand on the desk?
  • Does the surface scratch easily?

Knowing the desk’s weight capacity is important, especially if you plan on putting multiple computers on it. You might want to keep other items like smart devices, books, etc. on the desk, so it should be able to hold all these things without causing you any problems. 

Often, electronic devices are used to store confidential files, so you will want to invest in a strong desk. If the desks break, you might have to spend a lot of money replacing each device, and you might lose all of the sensitive files stored on the devices. 

Examine the worktop before buying a desk and check to see if the material is solid. Just because the desk costs a small fortune, and the manufacturers who have made the desk have a good reputation, doesn’t mean it will be sturdy enough to hold all of your office accessories. 

5) Find one that’s the right price

During the ongoing pandemic, asking your employer to buy new office furniture might not be an option. The pandemic has had a devastating financial impact on most businesses, so it’s not surprising that so many business owners are extra careful when managing their money during these unprecedented times.

However, if sitting all day at your desk is affecting your health, you should consider buying a sit-stand desk out of your own pocket. Although most top of range desks seem to cost a pretty penny, you should be able to find one that won’t break the bank. 

Most well-stocked online stores have several sit-stand desks available, so you are bound to find one within your budget. 

If your current desk is causing you health problems, a sit-stand desk should be viewed as an investment. At the end of the day, you won’t have to go to the doctor as often or pay frequent visits to a physical therapist. 

You can pick up a quality sit-stand desk for as little as $300. Most of these desks come with a warranty, so if anything happens, the seller will replace it with a new one. Consider reading the warranty before buying the desk.

Sit-stand desks are here to stay

You might be thinking that these modern desks are just another fad, but many believe that they are here to stay. As technology advances, it seems like we are spending more time in front of our computers and other electronic devices than ever before.

Staying active in the workplace can prove tricky, but sit-stand desks are specifically designed to allow you to work long hours without damaging your health.