Five tech tips for female entrepreneurs

Women have long struggled to get their foot in the door of the entrepreneurial world – especially in the traditionally ‘male’ technology sector.

However, the world is changing. Since 2007, the number of female entrepreneurs in the US alone has increased by over 30%. Additionally, entrepreneurship rates among women have increased by 13$ globally, according to the Global Enterprise Monitor.

We’re living in a world today where women can easily prove that they’re just as driven, skilled, and resourceful as their male counterparts when building a business. If you want to make your mark on the technology landscape, then these tips will help you to own your corner of the niche. 

1) Experiment with new things

It’s safe to say that the technology landscape is in a state of constant transformation these days. In the last couple of years alone, we’ve seen the rise of everything from 5G connections to smart speakers equipped with artificial intelligence. 

If you want to thrive in today’s business world – even outside of the tech industry, you need to be comfortable embracing and experimenting with new technology. 

All industries, from retail to healthcare, are recognizing the value of adopting new tech in their environments. For instance, health companies are beginning to look into wearables and IoT trackers to manage patient health, while retail brands use sensors to track movement throughout a store. 

Think about how you can experiment with the latest technology to make your business more engaging and exciting. You could find the perfect way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. 

2) Take advantage of tech conveniences

Technology isn’t just a great way to grow your business and help you build more compelling relationships with your target audience. It can also make your life a lot easier as an entrepreneur too. 

For instance, if you have a hard time keeping on top of your invoices, you can use an accounting application like QuickBooks. It helps you track everything from your VAT, to which invoices have been sent, and which have been paid. 

There are tools to assist with almost every aspect of entrepreneurship today, from tracking your supplies and inventory management, to marketing, and even HR if you decide to bring on new members of staff. 

Just because you’re out to prove your strength as a female entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little help from the right tools along the way. 

3) Work out your schedule

Many female entrepreneurs have unique challenges to face when they’re running their own business. For instance, you may need to juggle family and work obligations more than your male counterparts. 

You may even need to think about things like pregnancy, and how you’re going to deal with running your company with a new baby on the way. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of new ways to work in the modern world that allow you to adjust your schedule according to your needs. 

Thanks to cloud technology, today’s entrepreneurs can run most of their business from home, with nothing but an internet connection and the right tools. 

You can also use project management software to delegate any tasks that you can’t do to other people throughout your team, allowing you to more easily manage work/life balance. 

4) Commit to constant learning

It’s unfair, but a lot of women entrepreneurs will find that they need to work harder to prove themselves in their industry than men. That’s simply because women are still trying to cement their place at the top of the food chain. 

One good way to show that you’re just as good, if not better than your male counterpart, is to keep learning.

As your industry continues to evolve and change, committing to constant learning helps you to learn new skills and talents that will keep you ahead of the competition. You could even use what you learn to become a thought leader in your industry and build your personal reputation. 

There are countless tools available online that can help you in your learning journey, from online courses and webinars to articles and videos. 

5) Become an expert

In addition to learning about what’s new in your industry, you should find a few places where you want to become an expert. This way, you have a chance to really build your confidence and showcase your skills.

One area where every woman should become an expert is being in command of the tech tools they use daily. 

It can be as simple as maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading your PC. These skills might not give you as many bragging rights as a certificate in artificial intelligence, but they will ensure that you can continue to get work done in an efficient manner. 

For example, knowing how to speed up your operating system, and what you need to do when certain common issues arise, can make a huge difference in how productive you are. 

Since time is money for any business owner, you can’t afford to spend your time waiting for an IT expert to save you every time something goes wrong. Take charge and focus on learning the skills for yourself instead. 

Follow your entrepreneur dreams

It’s an amazing time for female entrepreneurs. The internet, along with a wide range of new opportunities across virtually every sector, means that we have more chances than ever before to pursue our ambitions as would-be business owners. 

If you’ve been planning on becoming an entrepreneur, the tips above will help you make the most out of the technology landscape to fuel your company’s growth. 

Remember, technology might be complicated at first, but it can also be the thing that opens the door to endless money-making opportunities in the business world. 

Learn how to use tech to your advantage, and you can overcome even the most challenging issues that female entrepreneurs face today.

Heather Redding is a part-time assistant manager, solopreneur and writer based in Aurora, Illinois. She is also an avid reader and a tech enthusiast. When Heather is not working or writing, she enjoys her Kindle library and a hot coffee. Reach out to her on Twitter

Photo by Christina