Five tech investments for mompreneurs in 2021

Being an entrepreneur while being a parent can be a daunting task, but mothers frequently do it with grace. They have an often unparalleled zeal for work, and are highly motivated to seek out new ways to better their work-life balance.

Staying updated on technological trends and products can help mompreneurs identify and adopt technologies into their workflow that can increase productivity and run daily operations seamlessly.

Here are five technological investments mompreneurs can make in 2021 to take their businesses to new heights – so you have more time for your business and your family.

1) Investing in a VPN

A VPN (or virtual private network) is a service that encrypts personal data and hides the user’s IP address, protecting them online. This is particularly useful for mompreneurs who will be working from home and can help prevent their family’s online activity from being tracked and monitored.

VPN service guides from Secure Thoughts provide complete data privacy from the applications and services the user runs on their network, so mompreneurs can focus on running their business without worrying about data leaks. 

2) Switching to 5G

2021 is set to be a year of growth for 5G, as supported devices are now less expensive than they were last year. With nearly every major smartphone and tablet company now providing 5G adaptability, it’s time for mompreneurs to make the switch to 5G.

These networks ensure shorter loading times, higher capacity, and increased bandwidth when compared to 4G, enable high-speed data transfers, and provide a more uniform user experience. 

If you own a property, you could even look into leasing a cell tower. Given the exponential growth that 5G is going to continue seeing this year because it enables extremely fast mobile networking, you could get in touch with cell tower lease experts at Terabonne in order to determine what’s needed to properly manage a cell tower project. This would be a great business opportunity since practically everyone will now be using 5G.

3) Cybersecurity measures

Mompreneurs can keep their personal data safe from cyber threats by investing in a cloud-based data storage infrastructure that is cost-effective and allows employees to access data remotely.

Another important, very easy to understand factor to consider is network security strategies, which prevent the unauthorized use of the devices within their network by providing segmented and limited data access to employees. It’s also important to keep regular data backups to mitigate the threat of data loss.

4) Project management tools

Project management tools and software can allow mompreneurs to effectively manage several projects at once, by planning, delegating, and managing resources. This is also a great way to enable seamless collaboration between all the parties involved in a project, ensuring productivity for mompreneurs.

These tools can often be customized to adapt to any workflow, and tools like Asana even support custom fields and forms, rules, and workflows. 

5) Business automation tools

Mompreneurs are often pressed for time, and understandably so. Business automation tools can take a lot of backend operations off their plate and allow them to focus on more important tasks. These tools can also make it easier to scale without having to debrief the entire team at each stage. For instance, Zapier is an automation

tool that can be integrated with hundreds of apps to customize and automate workflows at various stages. Workflow automation tools can also be used for frontend tasks and to improve customer interactions.

The tech boom is especially beneficial for mompreneurs, and there are several technological investments people can make in 2021 to ensure their business operations are running as seamlessly as possible. These investments can help them save time and effort while improving the efficiency of their workflow. 

Photo by Paul Hanaoka