Five summer cleaning tips

Summer is here! And while the sunshine brings a smile to our faces, the dirt it reveals in our homes is less flattering.

From the dusty wall panels to the pet-fur-laden carpet – the light truly does catch everything. The problem is, though, that keeping on top of the cleaning can be tricky when all you want to do is spend time in the garden.

The good news is that keeping up on the household chores doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. In fact, small changes can help boost your cleaning schedule without having to put that extra effort in. Here are five cleaning tips to help you enjoy a cleaner, tidier and healthier home this summer.

1) Create a checklist

Creating a checklist of the tasks you need to do can help you keep to a strict time limit, meaning your house can be perfect before your guests arrive. This is also a good habit to get you into a cleaning schedule, meaning that you’d have to do less before guests arrive as you keep on top of your cleaning!

Whether you organise this by room, prioritising the ones you will use most, or by task – such as dusting or hoovering – is completely up to your preferences.

2) Try damp dusting

Once you have cleaned your surfaces, you want them to remain that way for as long as possible so that you can enjoy your time with loved ones without worrying about the dust.

Damp dusting can be the most effective dusting method, helping get up as much dust as possible. This is because the dampness of the cloth helps capture the dust particles, rather than just moving them – meaning that you can have a dust-free surface easier!

Sick of the dust coming straight back? Using a fabric softener sheet on your surfaces can help reduce static and prevent dust buildup. These are even great for helping dust your electronic items without worrying about moisture affecting them!

3) Avoid this common flooring mistake!

Cleaning your hard flooring can be difficult sometimes. Hoovering can help pick some of the dirt up, but are your floors as clean as they should be? In fact, one mistake that people on TikTok have been making is using laundry detergent to clean their floors! While the scent can be appealing (who doesn’t want their home smelling of clean linen?) it can actually be bad for your floors.

Soap based detergents actually leave a film on your floor, making it dirtier and more difficult to clean (not to mention a potential slip hazard). If you do this, you might need to clean your floors again to remove this layer. While it might look good in the moment, a proper clean can be achieved by simply mopping. For stains, you can try vinegar and water solutions or even baking soda and water for discoloured grout!  

4) Declutter your space

You will also want to learn to let go of your unwanted items. With the desire for some good spring cleaning thoroughly in fashion, it is time to let go of items that no longer serve you or make you happy – as Maria Kondo would want. However, there is no problem in letting some of the clutter stay – it is a sign of personality and even Kondo herself has found thevalue of spending time with loved ones over fussing about the cleaning!

Investing in storage solutions for your home is a great way to declutter your space in quick time, leaving you more time to spend with those that matter during this time. Finding sturdy coat racks and stocking it with your most used coats, including lighter and warmer variations, can mean you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you without being messy.

You can also invest in storage boxes for your home to help clear away any children’s or pet toys, for example, just before the in-laws arrive!

5) Clean your cleaning supplies

After all is done, you should be cleaning your supplies ready for the next time. Having clean supplies can make your cleaning more efficient – stopping you from spreading dirt, germs, and dust while trying to clean.

You can do this by soaking your sponges and clothes in warm soapy water to remove the initial dirt and debris. Once this is done, you can soak these in boiling hot water or disinfectant to remove any bacteria. You can also put some of your clothes on a hot cycle in your washing machine if the label says so – make sure not to put this in your normal wash as the detergent can ruin their absorption abilities.

Making your house sparkle before your guests arrive doesn’t have to be a tiring task. Prioritise where you will be spending the most time and make sure to declutter your area and clean the floors and the surfaces.

A clean home doesn’t have to be empty! Instead, make use of trusty furniture and storage items to help keep your home a place of pride for the summer hosting.