Five reasons why your family will love a ski holiday

The first snowfall of winter is a beautiful sight. Waking up and looking out of the window to see the world covered in a soft white blanket is one of the hallmarks of the season.

But the prettiness doesn’t last long. Once cars start hitting the roads and heavy boots are treading the footpaths, the magical, white blanket covering your world is replaced by mushy sludge and often treacherous ice.

Not exactly the picturesque winter you and your family envisaged, is it?

If you really want to experience a textbook, magical snowy winter then you need to book a ski holiday.

Five reasons why your family will love a ski holiday

And if you’ve never taken your family skiing, this could be the perfect moment. Here are five reasons why they’ll love it.

1) The scenery

On a high mountain, snow can lie relatively untouched, save for the tracks of skis and snowboards of course.

Picture rolling mountains as far as the eye can see, impressive greenery and wildlife that is rarely seen elsewhere, and cute little chalets nestling into the snow, and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable image. It’s hard not to feel an immense sense of freedom when surrounded by so much space.

2) Bonding

This is true family time. Some holidays can turn into little groups forming, whether it’s the girls doing their thing, the boys going another way, or adults and children wanting to do different activities.

When you’re in the mountains, you’re there together and you’re there to ski. Certainly, there are often other endeavours to pursue, such as sledging or snowball fights, but this is a time which will undoubtedly bring everyone closer as a unit.

3) Exercise

Legs are pumping, arms are moving, and the heart is pounding. Skiing is exhilarating and enjoyable, but it can also be hard work. Initially, using skis can be difficult and sometimes frustrating.

But after a small learning curve, everyone is bound to get the hang of it and have an incredible time. You’ll probably use muscles you didn’t even know you had! Find out more about the benefits of skiing over here.

4) The end of the day

After all that exercise and fun in the snow, what’s the first thing you can think of? How about being snuggled up on the sofa in a cosy cabin, whilst holding a hot chocolate and warming your toes next to a crackling fire?

Rest and relaxation is so much better when it has been earned, and after a day of skiing, you’ve definitely earned that spot of respite.

That said, cabins can vary in quality, and as the ski season is upon us, you’d do well to book early and pick up the comfiest cabins available. (Companies like SnowTrex Ski Holidays often have special offers each week, so it’s worth checking.)

5) Memories

Every trip is memorable in its own way, but there’s something unique about a ski holiday that is hard to measure.

You could be nurturing a skill that your kids will love for the rest of their lives, but more than that, memories of quality family time and unrivalled sights are what everyone can come away with. And don’t forget that this a chance to take amazing family photos too!