Five reasons why a career in law is an attractive option

The legal sector has long been portrayed as a prestigious place to be. From Hollywood films to best-selling novels, the power and lifestyles enjoyed by many fictional judges and lawyers are enough to make anyone consider a career change. 

Thankfully, law boasts plenty of attractive benefits in the real world too. There are several different ways in for a start – from the conventional route of higher education to studying for qualifications in your own time, or getting your foot in the door as a paralegal or legal secretary. 

Here are five compelling reasons to choose a career in the legal profession.   

1) It offers diverse career options 

With a multitude of positions and an ever-expanding range of practice areas, law offers you the opportunity to specialise in what you find personally interesting. Family, environmental and criminal law are just a handful of the routes you can go down. 

You may also find that studying law opens opportunities in new fields such as media, academia and social work. Near enough every organisation needs legal advice at some point in time, and you’ll have the power to make a real difference.  

2) The financial rewards

The legal profession remains one of the most handsomely rewarded for men and women alike. While figures vary widely by location, practice and position, you could earn upwards of £40,000 as a trainee lawyer in London. 

Those figures are only likely to increase as companies and individuals face new threats and challenges year upon year. You can check this post to give you a better idea of lawyers salaries in different areas.

3) Job stability

Economic downturns have the power to put some industries under. The legal sector has fared pretty well in recent history however, thanks in part to law firms such as Houston TX firm expanding into new markets and diversifying their offering.

No matter what becomes of the UK economy, you should still find opportunities as a legal professional. 

4) You’ll work in a dynamic environment

Laws and legislations are constantly evolving, creating fresh challenges and, subsequently, new rewards. Each case is unique, and you’ll need to use all your mental skills to achieve the best possible outcomes for your clients.

If you’re looking for a mentally stimulating occupation in a dynamic environment, law could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

5) You’ll have international opportunities

As the world becomes increasingly connected, so does the legal profession. If you can secure a position at an international law firm or corporation, you may be able to take on exciting opportunities to work and travel in new countries and regions abroad.

As more firms and businesses cross international borders, so could you.

Can you see yourself pursuing a career in law? If you’re on the hunt for a mentally and financially rewarding career in a flexible and fast-paced industry, becoming a lawyer could give you all that and more. 

Photo by Giammarco Boscaro