Five reasons for joining the nursing profession

Looking for a new professional? One that offers job satisfaction and security? Find out why you might want to consider nursing.

Few careers today can safely guarantee you a job for life. But there’s one sector that will always provide some form of job security, and that is healthcare.

We will always need people to care for our health, and it’s fairly safe to say we will always need nurses. But nursing also offers more than just the potential of a guaranteed income. It’s a job that can offer a diverse number of roles, career progression if you want it, and the satisfaction of doing work that is meaningful and helps others.

So, if you’re exploring your potential career options, let’s look at five reasons why you might want to consider nursing.

1) There’s plenty of demand for nurses

As we’ve just mentioned, there is no shortage of nursing jobs in the industry. In fact, many organisations are crying out for good nurses. Hospitals in particular are always looking to hire new nursing staff. So it’s safe to say that you can easily find nursing jobs in any city.

So if you want to join an industry where your skills will always be in demand, anywhere in the world, you might want to think of joining the nursing profession.

2) Nursing will give you a secure future

And it’s not just right now that nurses are in demand. If you are worried about getting into a role that will be redundant in a few years, you don’t need to be concerned about nursing.

Most people, when consider career longevity, think about joining the IT or business sectors. But while we can’t predict what will happen in IT and business over the next few decades, we can say with certainty that we will always need nurses.

So if you’re looking to acquire skills that won’t date, and that will keep you hired for years to come, you might want to look at nursing.

3) You have the satisfaction of helping people

There are many different ways that our jobs reward us. And while salary and holiday allowance are towards the top of that list, job satisfaction has to be the biggest reward.

Doing what you love and knowing you’re making a difference to people is a huge motivator for many. And a nursing career offers exactly this. Find the right role for you within nursing and you’ll achieve a level of job satisfaction that many can only dream of.

Every day you have the opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life – to provide treatment that will reduce pain and maybe even cure them of disease. You can personally make a positive difference in the world every day you go to work. And what can be more satisfying than that?

4) You can acquire new skills

We all want to grow and be challenged in life… otherwise it can get pretty dull! And as a career, nursing offers the opportunity for continual learning. There are always new techniques to learn, seminars to attend and skills to acquire.

And if you wish to climb the career ladder, nursing also offers job progression opportunities. So if you are ambitious and keen to learn, a nursing career can certainly provide you with what you are looking for.

5) It’s a flexible career

There are so many different roles in nursing, and it’s not hard to find one that works around your lifestyle. It’s rarely a 9-5 job, so if you have young children or just don’t want to work traditional hours, you can find a nursing role that fits your working schedule.

Photo by Zach Vessels