Five practical tips to help you have safe and beneficial cannabis sessions

With cannabis becoming legal and mainstream, more and more consumers are keen to experience it. But how can you do so safely?

A growing number of research studies validate the safety and efficacy of cannabis for medical consumers. Recreational users can take the word of seasoned ones and embark on the journey confidently.

However, it is still vital to manage your sessions to stay on the safe side and achieve the outcome you want. Luckily, it is easy to ensure safe and enjoyable sessions, regardless of your experience level. Let’s look at five practical tips to control your cannabis sessions.

1) Have realistic expectations

It is important to approach any session with cannabis session with realistic expectations. Of course, your expectations will differ depending on whether you are a medical or recreational user, but before you start you need to decide what you want.

When using medical cannabis, understand the condition you want to deal with and the outcomes you expect in terms of timelines. Recreational users must have clarity regarding the levels of high they expect and how long they want the effects to last.

2) Get cannabinoid education

Knowing your cannabinoids puts you in a good place when it comes to controlling your sessions. It is important to match them with your purpose of use to have the experience you desire.

For example, CBD is a therapeutic cannabinoid that is used to treat health issues such as chronic pain and inflammation. Conversely, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid, making it apt for recreational use. Further, Delta 9 THC is more potent than its Delta 8 counterpart. Basic cannabinoid education can help you identify the right products. 

3) Choose your product wisely

Besides the cannabinoid content, consumption routes are a key factor to consider when picking your cannabis product. Choosing the right one enables you to tailor your sessions according to your needs.

For example, vapes and tinctures provide instant results, while concentrates go the extra mile with their high potency. You can pick edibles for slow and sustainable effects and try topical products to bypass ingestion and inhalation. 

4) Track your tolerance levels

Seasoned users recommend dosing according to your tolerance levels to control your sessions. You may need to follow them during the first few times to decide on your ideal dosing.

Starting slow is the best bet though you can titrate the doses down the line. You can even take a tolerance break to reset your dosage and start afresh. This lets you stay on the lower side of usage and get more with less.

5) Follow the rules 

As a wise cannabis consumer, you must follow the rules and take all necessary precautions to be on the safe side. Start by staying on the right side of the law where you are, to ensure you don’t get into trouble.

Buy from a trusted seller and pick reputed brands, even if you have to pay more. Also, avoid alcohol and driving after a session. These small steps are enough to practice cannabis consumption safety.

Controlling cannabis consumption is not about being a pro, as even beginners can do it effectively. Learn the facts, follow the rules, and stick to what works for you.