Five of the top benefits of starting a blog

Thinking of starting a blog but wondering whether it’s worth it? Here are five of the top benefits of starting a blog.

Blogging has been around for many years now. People have built audiences, grown businesses and even made money from writing regular blogs. Pretty much every topic you can think of today has at least one (if not thousands) of blogs devoted to it.

As a result there’s a whole industry that has grown around blogging. You can even do a quick search to find some of the best blogging courses to teach you the skills you need to get a blog off the ground, establish an audience, and make an income from your writing.

If you’re looking for reasons to get started on your own blog, here are five of the top benefits of starting a blog.

1) You can inspire an audience

Do you have a burning mission? A passion for helping other? Or a desire to change the world for the better in some way? If so, starting a blog can be a great way to share your passion and build an army of people who share it.

You can highlight problems that need addressing, and suggest solutions to help people take positive action. If you wish, your blog can also elevate you as a thought leader in your area, highlighting your knowledge and passion and growing a following of people who share your dreams.

2) You’ll perfect your writing skills

Like many skills, the expression’ practice makes perfect’ absolutely applies to writing. And if you want to get plenty of regular writing practice then a blog is a brilliant outlet. Regular blogging will enable you to hone your writing skills and develop your own style and tone.

Over time you could even take those skills and use them elsewhere, setting yourself up as a freelance blog writer Your blog then acts as the perfect portfolio for you. You may even find, if your blog gets a big enough folliwubg, that people start approaching you and asking you to write for them.

3) You’ll learn new skills

Growing a successful blog takes more skills than just writing. You’ll need to manage the back end technology of actually hosting your blog, and sharing your blogs on social media. The more time and energy you invest in social media, the more impact your blog will have. You may even decide to build a mailing list of people who love your blog. All of these are great opportunities to grow your skills – skills you can monetise later if you wish.

4) You’ll overcome your fears

One of the biggest things that holds us back and limits us is our own fear. We worry we won’t be able to do something, or won’t be good enough. What if – horror! – we fail?

The only certain way to fail is never to try. And the confidence you’ll gain in trying a new skill like blogging will boost your confidence. Confidence you can use to tackle other ambitions in life you are too scared to try right now!

5) You can earn money

One of the biggest reasons why people start blogging is to make money. This can be through selling things associated with their blog, affiliate sales, sponsorship, earning skills that they can monetise later, or even building up a blog they can ultimately sell.

Of course, it takes time, consistency and commitment to build a blog that will ultimately give you an income. It may even require you to post often in the early days with no reward – and no guarantee of one. But with effort and belief, especially if you can find a clever niche to blog in, it’s quite possible to turn blogging into a valuable venture and earn good money from it.

Photo by Daniel Thomas