Five of the highest-paying jobs for women in 2020

There are currently more women than men in the workforce across the United States, which has been a major shift in the last few years.

So could right now be a great time to be entering into a career and finding just the right spot for you? And if so, what are the highest-paying jobs for women? 

Let’s take a look at some of the top careers for women right now.

1) Human resources manager

Human resources is the department within a company that handles anything to do with personnel. This includes hiring, training, employee relations, professional conduct issues, and sometimes, other administrative duties like payroll. 

A human resources manager acts as the middle man between the employees and the administration and makes sure everyone is taken care of. 

2) Marketing specialist

The marketing industry is a very exciting one to work in because it is always changing and evolving with the new technologies. 

Since every business and organization relies on marketing to get their message, product, or service out and bring revenue in, it is one of the fastest-growing industries. 

There are many job opportunities available and many will have the potential for promotions within the company. This is a great way to set yourself up for success.

3) Healthcare

Healthcare obviously spans a very wide range of great careers for women. Some of these include nurse practitioner, physician assistant, hospital administration, or pharmacist. You can even work as a medical assistant without getting a bachelor’s degree, which can be great for women looking to completely switch into a new industry.  

All of these are exciting careers with a lot of potential for a high salary, but they do often require a lot more specialized training than other jobs. 

4) Education administrator 

Working the way up the ladder in a school district is a great way to have a successful career. 

Education administrators, like principals and superintendents, have the responsibility to oversee all of the teaching and interactions in their schools. They are in charge of helping to manage budgets and make sure the school is meeting set standards. 

This career can be exciting because you get to interact with both the students and the faculty giving your responsibilities a big variety. 

5) Sales manager

There are opportunities across many industries to be a sales manager. This is the person in a business that analyzes trends, trains employees, sets quotas and goals, and anything else to do with sales. 

This is a great career path for the person who is worried that their current resume, education, or work history doesn’t meet the criteria for high-paying jobs. There are many work readiness programs and other training that can teach the necessary sales skills to move up in a company.

Consider these highest-paying jobs for women 

It can be really scary to enter the workforce. There is always the worry that the time, effort, and money you invested into becoming qualified for the job will not be returned through the job. 

But these highest-paying jobs for women we have discussed, and more, are great opportunities for women to be respected and compensated for their work. 

Photo by Christina