Five of the best office clocks for stylish time management

Time management is often the bane of working mums’ lives. But who says it has to be dull? Maybe we’d feel more relaxed about time if, instead of constantly checking it on our phone or computer, we were able to glance over at a super-stylish clock instead?

Okay, maybe a good-looking clock alone isn’t going to make us feel any less panicked about how little time we have to get 101 tasks completed before nursery ends or the school run starts. But at least it may inspire us more than the stark digital numbers we’re currently held prisoner by. You can choose a rolex wall clock and hang it in a place where you could easily see.

So we’ve picked our favourite five clocks available right now (and in fact you can see one of them in our article on making time to work from home – see even we were inspired by them!). And they are, ‘clockwise’ from top left:

1. The ‘crafty’ Crochet Cuckoo Clock clock by Anne-Claire Petit.

2. The bird song Okko alarm clock by Habitat.

4. The Woodland Hare clock by Urban Outfitters.

5. The rainbow coloured Array wooden wall clock by Habitat.

5. The natural Tree Wall Clock by Next.