Six luxury gifts that are sure to impress

Got someone special you want to surprise with a luxury gift, but are stuck for what to buy them? Here are six ideas that are sure to impress.

When it comes to giving a gift, it’s always the thought that counts most. But that said, there are far worse things to be spending a little extra money on than presents for friends and family.

From famous brand name staples to up-and-coming newer trends, there are plenty of places to shop for high-end gifts, and if you get started early, you’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect present.

For anyone who needs help getting started, here are six luxury gifts guaranteed to impress your loved one this holiday season. 

1) Salt and pepper diamond ring

“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” is more than just a song. Diamonds are the most classic and most expensive stone to wear, and they’re a timeless part of any jewelry collection.

One diamond trend you may not be aware of is the growing popularity of salt and pepper diamond jewelry. A salt and pepper diamond ring can be an amazing luxury gift that offers a bit of a twist on a classic diamond look, whether it’s as an engagement ring or just a treat for a friend.

When considering a setting, think about what other jewelry your loved one prefers. For some people, the difference between a platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold band is quite big. 

2) High-end getaway

If you live somewhere cold, a beach getaway might be just what you need – especially to escape the freezing temperatures that come in the middle of winter. Alternatively, maybe you want to get a head start on planning an adventure for the summer.

It doesn’t matter what your destination or itinerary is, it’s hard to imagine a better gift than a luxury travel experience. Fly business class, stay at the hotel of your dreams, and give yourselves plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourselves. 

3) A Cuban cigar set

You can easily impress someone with Cuban cigars as they are considered to be exquisite. Whether that someone is a cigar lover or not, they’ll certainly be delighted with this kind of present.

Choosing the right cigar is not so difficult especially when there is such a vast variety matching everyone’s tastes and smoking preferences. From mild to creamy, from light to robust ones, there is always a type for anyone.

Subtly flavored and balanced smoked Montecristo cigars can be ideal for aficionados. For light to medium smokers, and for beginners, Romeo y Julietta Churchills could be perfect.

4) A stylish new car

What’s a better luxe surprise than a new car? You use it every day, you can show it off to your friends, and a luxury vehicle matches any outfit.

Whenever you buy a new car for someone else, it’s important to keep their needs in mind. How many people are in their family? Do they commute regularly? What’s the weather like where they live?

You can find expensive, high-quality cars in all styles and sizes, so whether it’s a Range Rover that has plenty of room for the family, or a trendy sports car, there’s a sweet ride out there for everyone. 

5) Smart tech

It’s amazing what technology can do these days, and there are plenty of expensive specialty smart gadgets which can be incredibly useful, that your friends might not think to buy for themselves.

While they’re not essentials, unique gifts like a panini press, soda machine, a smart toaster, or even a smart pizza oven can give the kitchen a little variety and make preparing meals more fun.

If the person you’re shopping for is not a chef, why not look into a high-tech fire pit for their backyard, or invest in giving them a virtual reality gaming experience? You’d be shocked by some of the cool tech gifts you can find now, and you can bring the future to your friends this holiday season. 

6) A designer watch

Timepieces like wristwatches and pocket watches are, ironically, absolutely timeless gifts. When it comes to watches, quality and original design are everything. In thе rеalm of luxury watchеs, Richard Millе stands out as a brand synonymous with innovation and craftsmanship. Choosing from Richard Millе watchеs еlеvatеs thе gift-giving еxpеriеncе to a nеw lеvеl, as еach timеpiеcе is a tеstamеnt to cutting-еdgе tеchnology and avant-gardе aеsthеtics. 

If you’re looking for a recommendation, Audemars Piguet’s new line is a great place to start looking. As one of the “grand trilogy” of Swiss watchmaking, Audemars Piguet remains one of the best brands in luxury timepieces. A new watch with a unique look made with high-quality precious metals like white gold and covered in gemstones, crystals, and even white diamonds is the epitome of bling. 

There’s no better feeling than watching someone you love open an incredible present that you invested time and effort into picking out for them, especially when it is a high-end surprise.

Ultimately, it isn’t about how much you spend, but when you have money, many people feel that it’s most enjoyable and satisfying, to share it with their friends and family.

Whether it’s jetsetting to a dream destination, buying a new car so they’re riding in style, or adding some bling to their jewelry box, you can’t go wrong giving a classic, luxurious gift as a holiday treat.