Five home improvements for child-proofing your living space

Having a baby or toddler at home is exciting and tiring at the same time. The little one keeps you on your toes, but mishaps can still happen.

After all, you cannot be around at all times, even as a stay-at-home parent. Safety should be the top priority for all parents, and it boils down to child-proofing your living space. Just a few steps can keep your child safe and make life stress-free for you. Here are some simple home improvements that make a worthy investment for parents.

1) Build barriers to restrict movement

Every home has hazardous zones like the kitchen, bathroom, and staircases. Make sure you build barriers around them to restrict movement. Indoor safety gates can keep the kids away from the danger zones in your living space. Upgrade the barriers as your child graduates from crawling to walking. Anticipate all threats and ensure to cover them with proper measures. 

2) Remove or redecorate breakable stuff

It is best to keep breakable things out of your child’s reach. Consider removing the glassware or redecorating them on shelves that are out of reach. Remove tiny decor items that a little one may swallow. If you have any houseplants in the house, place them outdoors until the child is old enough to understand that these are not edible. You can keep them out of reach if outdoor is not an option. 

3) Address the window threats

Young children are often curious about the world outside, and they may even try to open the windows to have a peek. It is the right time to invest in window replacement if you have it on your mind. Opt for the latest designs in vinyl because they are more durable and energy-efficient. Choose triple pane vinyl replacement windows as they are hard and energy-efficient. Install locks for extra safety, and you will never have to worry about your little one opening it. 

4) Fix furniture pieces securely

Toddlers never stay still, and you will find them holding onto furniture pieces or climbing them. They can even move around or unsteady the sturdiest-looking pieces. The best way to handle the hazard is by securing furniture pieces like TV cabinets, bookshelves, dressers, and standing lamps to the wall or floor. You can find safety products such as brackets and fasteners at a home-improvement store for the project. It is a small price to pay to keep your little one safe from falling objects. 

5) Be wary of cords and wires

Cords and wires are hazards that no parent should ignore. Strangulation mishaps are uncommon. But you cannot be too sure when it comes to the safety of your child. Make sure that all electrical wires are tied up and out of reach of little ones. It will also prevent electrical hazards for the baby. Covering outlets is another essential step to make your living space safe for kids. 

Child-proofing your home is easier than you think, and you need not burn a hole in your wallet for the project. Follow these simple steps, and rest assured of the safety of your little one.