Five health benefits of eating strawberries

Love eating strawberries? Here are five ways this delicious fruit helps you to stay healthy.

Many people love eating strawberries as a dessert, or dipped in chocolate. Some people even go as far as turning the fruit into strawberry juice. But strawberries are so much more than a delicious treat – they’re also very good for you.

Depending on the variety of strawberries, this fruit can be available during the spring, summer, and fall. Here are five reasons why it’s worth adding them to your shopping list.

1) Strawberries are a great source of antioxidants

As you age, your body will start to change. You’ll notice that you won’t enjoy the same vigor you had when you were a teen, and your organs may not function as efficiently as when you were younger.

You’ll also see the inevitable changes in your appearance, as your cells react to years of damage from sunlight, smoke, and pollution. So what can you do to try to hold back some of this ageing process?

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, which are compounds that slow down the chain reaction of the ageing process, making your cells healthier for a longer period. Just make sure that you consume fresh strawberries, as they contain the highest antioxidant value. 

2) Strawberries support your immune system

Your immune system plays a vital role in your overall wellness. A strong immune system will help you to fight off colds and the flu. Aside from following a healthy diet and active lifestyle, adding strawberries to your diet is a great way of boosting your immune system. By eating just eight strawberries a day, your body will get its required vitamin C intake. 

Your body can’t produce vitamin C on its own, which is why you should regularly consume food that has this nutritional content. Vitamin C will work hand in hand with your immune system to keep you safe from diseases and infections. 

3) Strawberries can help to regulate your blood sugar levels 

It’s not good to let your blood sugar levels get out of control. It’s harder to function with high blood sugar, and it can affect some of your organs. Indeed, over time, high blood pressure can damage your arteries, heart, and even your brain.

If you’re looking for simpler and more affordable ways of regulating your blood sugar, eat strawberries. Because of the antioxidant content of this fruit, eating it regularly can help to improve your blood sugar control and aid with carbohydrate absorption and digestion. 

4) Strawberries have antimicrobial effects

All the organs in your body need to work interdependently with each other, so you can function. However, when bacteria and parasites are present in your body, it can be hard for these organs to work properly.

Bacteria and parasites can carry illnesses, which can make your body weaker over time. Consuming strawberries on a regular basis can help your body fight bacteria and parasites, as they contain a wide variety of polyphenols, which are natural defensive agents against harmful microbes. 

5) Strawberries can help with weight management 

Many people are conscious about their weight. Aside from the health implications, being overweight can affect your self-image and confidence, as well as your comfort in meeting new people.

But it’s not always easy to lose extra pounds, and maintain a healthy weight, especially if you miss your favourite treats on a strict diet. Luckily though, sweet and luscious strawberries are a guilt-free snack with low levels of calories and sugar. 

Here are some of the easiest and tastiest ways of adding strawberries to your diet:

  • Make strawberry smoothies. The internet can be a goldmine for easy and inexpensive strawberry smoothie recipes.
  • Take out the stalks and leaves of the fruit and make a strawberry leaf tea. Simply leave the stalks and leaves in boiling water for a few minutes, and you’re good to go. 
  • Strawberries can make excellent salad dressings. Soak the fruit in balsamic vinegar for at least 48 hours and add the dressing to any of your favorite salad recipes. 
  • If you’re someone who is always on-the-go, slice a few pieces of strawberries and add them to your jug or bottle. Strawberry-infused water can keep you hydrated all day long!