Five healing techniques you may want to try

The term ‘energy healing’ covers traditional healing systems that work to restore the flow and balance of energy throughout your body, soul and mind.

They use a variety of techniques that are designed to work directly with the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Energy healing is often used to treat a wide range of health conditions, particularly mental health. The symptoms caused by a disturbance of the energy flow within your body are addressed, with the belief that once your energy flow is corrected, you will be cured.

There are various types of energy healing techniques, all of which work differently to help with cures and relief. Here are five you may want to try.

1) Reiki healing

The name ‘Reiki’ is derived from two Japanese words: ‘rei’ which means God’s wisdom, and ‘ki’, meaning energy.

This therapy is usually provided alongside traditional medicine in order to cure an illness. ‘Ki’, or energy, is created with a range of hand movements and techniques, as well as specific symbols which are used to channel the energy of the universe to heal the body or mind.

Reiki has been used to cure ailments such as the flu, stomach aches and headaches, and is also used to help with more serious conditions such as heart disease.

Although it is difficult to prove the effectiveness of Reiki through scientific means, many people who receive it say that it works and it is increasing in popularity. 

2) Crystal healing

This type of healing uses crystals to draw out any impurities from your body. The stones and crystals used work differently on your body, targeting various different types of physical, emotional and spiritual issues that you may be dealing with.

Crystals are used to repel any negative energy that is disturbing mental and physical wellbeing from your body, allowing you to feel at peace once again.

There are different types of crystals to choose from including jasper, clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, obsidian and more. Each crystal is useful for different concerns – for example, rose quartz is all about love and is said to help you restore trust and harmony while improving close connections in relationships. Lepidolite stone benefits will be more useful for people with PMS, bipolar syndrome, anxiety attacks, and other stress-related issues.

3) Pranic healing

This type of energy healing revolves around using your body’s own life force to heal its energy. This therapy works specifically with the energy of your body or aura and is used to clean any toxic energy from your body, and as a result can help to speed up the physical or mental healing process. 

4) Qigong

This therapy is used to regain any lost balance of the body, and has been used for around four thousand years.

It uses coordinated bodily movements including breathing techniques and meditation, which stimulates spirituality and health. Qigong is rooted in Chinese traditional medicine and is said to balance the positive energy of the body – a requirement for staying healthy. 

5) Quantum healing

Quantum healing is based on the principles of entertainment and resonance. With this therapy, the energy levels in the body are escalated, using breathing and visualization of the flow of energy.

Quantum healing is not only spiritual; it has been known to have a direct positive effect on the immune system. It is also called distance healing, as it is an advanced form of healing that allows the body to heal from a distance. This can greatly benefit the client, who is able to access a healer without the need to travel. 

Photo by Dani Costelo