Five habits of highly successful content creators

Love to create more powerful content for your business? Here are five habits of highly successful content creators to inspire you.

Content creation is an integral part of any content marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run – whether you’re a dry cleaner, a freelance social media manager or even an online company like EssayShark – great content gets your company in front of potential customers.

And to help you get more proficient at being your own content creator, here are five habits of people who are very successful at it.

1) They consume content

How can you know what great content looks like, if you’re not a consumer of it? Like any subject, the more you know about content, and the easier you find it to identify exceptional content, the better you’ll be at creating your own.

As a regular consumer of content you’ll also be ahead of content trends, and be able to ensure that the content you create is genuinely unique and leading the field, rather than limply copying what has already been said or shown 1,000 times already.

It’s also important to be an expert in your particular industry or niche. So make sure you’re consuming content in that sector. The same applies for your chosen social networks. If, for example, you want to create brilliant Instagram content, it makes sense to be a regular user of the platform. You’ll be able to quickly recognised what type of content gets the most engagement – and then create your own.

2) They create more content

Everyone knows the phrase ‘practise makes perfect’. And when it comes to creating content, this absolutely applies.

The more content you create – whether it’s visual or written – the better you’ll become at it. You’ll pick up skills, get faster and produce more professional results.

Let’s say, for example, you want to create exceptional written content. You may start out quite rusty, but by developing your writing skills over time, you’ll get better and faster, and will develop your own unique style.

3) They know their audience

Just as you need to know what great content looks like to create it, you need to know what your audience needs in order to give it to them. So find out as much about the people you want to read and engage with your content as you can.

For example, what’s their age group? Where do they live? What’s the job? What do they care about? What problem are they trying to solve? Where do they spend their time? Who do they trust? What do they find amusing?

The more you can picture your ideal audience as real people, the easier you’ll find it to create content they’ll love.

4) They tell stories

The best content is something that people can connect with. Something they care about and want to know more about – a narrative they want to keep following.

And the most powerful way to give them this is through stories.

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms, and has remained powerful. While technology may change, and we may use different mediums to tell stories today, we’re still passing on the traditions of the past.

Why are stories so powerful? When we listen to a story, a number of different of areas in our brain are activated. Stories invoke emotion, which means we’re more likely to both remember and respond to information in them. In fact, we’re seven times more likely to retain information from stories.

5) They focus on their KPIs

Creating content for a business may be fun, but it’s not for fun. There’s always an objective that content needs to meet. It could be building the brand, gaining social follows or engagement, to increase email signs or web traffic, or it could even be intended to directly uplift sales.

So whenever you’re creating content you need to know what KPIs it needs to meet, and create it with these in mind. With one eye firmly on your KPIs, your content is far more likely to achieve what you hope, and give you the confidence to create more great content again.


Photo by Kaleidico