Five great career choices if you’re artistic

Love a job that used your skills and your passions? Read five great career choices if you’re artistic.

If you’re artistically-inclined, you’ll naturally want to find work that pursues your passion. And today’s job market offers plenty of great opportunities for you to express your talent and get paid for it.

So if you’re looking for work, and would love something that enabled to use your artistic skills, here are five career ideas for you.


With the advent of Instagram and Pinterest, photography is becoming an increasingly popular and accessible career. If you’re a budding photographer looking to express your talents, look for a local photography school or evening class, or even investigate online courses. Or you can consider getting a few beginners classes in a local workshop to get started with the fundamentals.

Music teacher

The job of a music teacher is to explain the rudiments of music to students in a clear and concise way. According to this study by Kent University’s online MME program, music helps students on a deep emotional level and an online MME degree will allow you to transfer all of the benefits of music to your pupils.

To become a music teacher you’ll need a master’s in online music education, which can be completed online or through a traditional brick and mortar institution.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is another field that is booming thanks to new technology – and an increasing awareness of small businesses that they need a professional brand.

As a graphic designer you can work in-house for advertising, design and marketing agencies, or even in the design or marketing department of a business. Or you can build a freelance career working from home.

Fashion designer

The world of fashion is always hungry for new faces and talents. If you can’t see yourself bagging a job as a fashion designer working for someone else and are bursting with ideas, you can always design, manufacture and sell your own clothes.

Fashion designers can also work as personal shoppers, oversee aspects of production, or choose and secure fabric.


Becoming a music teacher isn’t your only career option if you have a talent for music. Platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud mean that a whole new generation of musicians is being discovered without the use of traditional channels – which is great news for talented wannabe musicians.

Much of the red tape that surrounded the music industry in the last few years has also been removed thanks to new platforms and avenues, which can make earning a living as a talented musician easier.