Five fun holiday activities you can do as a couple

Remember the days when you traveled without children? When the biggest decision you needed to make each day was which city to backpack to next, or what time to crack open the wine?

While holidaying with children certainly has its pleasures, there’s nothing quite like escaping life’s responsibilities and spending your days and evenings simply doing what you please on a couple’s getaway.

If you’re lucky enough to manage to book a break as a couple, here are some suggestions for activities you might want to consider.

1) Water skiing

Don’t dismiss a beach holiday just because your idea of a good time isn’t lying on a towel doing nothing for a week. Certainly the attraction for many people on a beach holiday is sand, sunsets, cocktails and sunbathing.

But there’s plenty to attract couples who prefer a bit more action on their holiday. So if you love the idea of a beach resort but also fancy some adventure, look for resorts that offer water sports such as water skiing.

Not in love with the thought of water skiing? There are plenty more beach-based water activities to choose from, like snorkelling, kite surfing, wind surfing and paddle boarding.

2) Go on a road trip

Just picture it: you’re sat next to your partner with the open road in front of you, and unknown adventures awaiting you.

All you need for an overseas road trip is a hire car, a rough plan and a map. So pick a country you’ve always wanted to explore and plan your trip. You can even choose a part of your home country you’ve never visited before if you don’t fancy going too far.

If you have a particular passion or interest, such as food or wine, you can plan your trip around that. Wherever you go, just make sure you’re equipped with everything you’ll need on your journey before you set off.

All you need for an overseas road trip is a hire car, a rough plan and a map. So pick a country you’ve always wanted to explore and plan your trip.

3) Play golf

If you’re looking for a holiday activity that’s relaxing, gets you out in the fresh air for some gentle exercise, has stunning scenery and helps you learn a new skill, then golf ticks all the boxes.

You only have to look at some of the world’s most picturesque golf courses to appreciate the sport’s aesthetic attraction.

Whiling a few hours strolling from hole to hole in a beautiful location is a great way to reconnect with your partner away from the day-to-day pressures of life. So pick the prettiest course you can find and book your break.

4) Go wild swimming

Not loving the idea of golf? Fancy something a little more daring? Why not go wild swimming? Basically wild swimming is swimming in natural waters, like lakes, rivers and the sea.

So as long as you have (safe) water near by, you can try it. Of course, it helps if the water is in a pretty, secluded place and the temperature isn’t too cold (although people do practice wild swimming all year round).

Need some wild swimming holiday inspiration? Check out the 10 best swimming holidays around the world. If they don’t encourage you to dig out your swimming costumes then nothing will!

5) Do anything that makes you happy

Of course these are just four suggestions out of millions we could have picked. The point is to do something together. All too often as couples, especially when we’re raising children, we can get stuck in our day-to-day routine and family roles – and forget why we fell in love in the first place.

Relationships need to be nurtured to thrive, and consciously prioritising your relationship and spending time alone together is important. Adding in a new shared experience can remind you of what attracted you to each other, and help bring out a playfulness that may have become lost amongst the responsibility of co-parenting and running a home.

So whether you choose to spend your holiday abseiling or crocheting together doesn’t matter. Just make sure you do something together. And fall in love with each other all over again.