Five engagement ring styles that are perfect for small hands

There are always going to be challenges when searching for your perfect engagement ring.

Once you’ve taken stylistic preferences and budget into account, it can already feel like you’ve cut out a lot of options.

People with petite hands have yet another consideration to make when searching for their perfect ring. Apart from the actual size of the band, you should think hard about what style you’re going to opt for.

Some classic engagement ring looks will compliment your dainty features more than others. A good, reputable jeweller should be able to to help guide you in the right direction and present you with options that both look great and accentuate your features.

Luckily for us (and our significant others) there’s no shortage of beautiful choices available, if you are looking for unique engagement rings in Melbourne or Toledo Ohio, you have lots of options available to find something perfect for you. Here are five ring styles that compliment small hands.

1) Trilogy rings

If you’re set on a high carat weight but are worried about choosing an overbearing style that will look unnatural with petite hands, then a trilogy ring is the answer to your conundrum. This elegant ring style spreads horizontally across your finger, creating a mesmerising sparkle.

If you have your heart set on diamonds, or a mixture of stones, search through diamond engagement rings and in some cases you will be able to get them customized. Trilogy rings look best with one stone in the middle, and then two of the same on the outside highlighting the main stone.  

2) Twist rings

This style offers an unusual ‘twist’ on a classic engagement ring look. Beloved for their pure elegance, twist rings are beautiful and elevating. Their shape elongates your ring finger and brings sophistication no matter what size your hands. 

More popular than ever in recent years, twist rings are dainty, yet they pack a punch. You’ll be absolutely obsessed with the way they sparkle across your finger. 

3) Solitaire rings

You simply can’t go wrong with this classic style, whatever your hand size. Solitaires have been favoured by brides-to-be over the centuries and their classic elegance makes it clear why. Solitaire rings feature one stand-out gemstone (normally a diamond) that catches eyes while also being appropriate for day-to-day wear. 

For those with small hands, try to resist the temptation to go large! A bulky, high-carat diamond may be impressive, but it will dwarf your wedding finger and diminish the elegance desired from a perfect engagement ring. A smaller stone will look dainty and sophisticated. What’s more, you’ll save a lot of money while looking fabulous.

4) Cluster rings 

Some people with small hands tend to steer away from cluster rings instinctively. This beautiful style is often mistakenly perceived as ‘too much’, with the sparkling ring of diamonds encircling the central stone. However, cluster engagement rings can complement smaller hands perfectly and are a beautiful example of antique silver

Like with solitaire rings, it is advisable to choose a gemstone that isn’t too overbearing on a dainty hand. Although, when you look at it another way, small hands are perfect for creating the allusion of a much higher carat weight (for a fraction of the price!) 

5) Rings with coloured gemstones

Contrary to popular belief, using diamonds in an engagement ring has only recently become commonplace. Before the mid-20th century, diamonds weren’t symbolic of an engagement, and other gemstones took centre stage. In recent years, we’ve seen a strong revival of this trend, with sapphires gaining particular popularity. 

Many people with small hands may want to avoid an overbearing diamond, while still wanting something that impresses. Coloured gemstones are your answer to this! They don’t have to be large to really dazzle, and you could even pair them with smaller, accent diamonds to really catch eyes.  

Don’t let your smaller hands dictate your choices. Everyone has different preferences, and your hand size should be just one of many factors in your decision. Furthermore, remember that you will have the option to resize the band on most pieces, so you will definitely be able to find something perfect for you in a size that feels comfortable, secure, and perfect.

Photo by Jose Martinez