Five empowering jobs for women

It can be depressing to realise that, despite some progress, the business world today is still dominated by men. Did you know that the number of female CEOs lower than the number of CEOs named John?

But it’s not all bad news. Women are gradually making more progress… inching into positions of power and roles of significant responsibility.

So, if you or your daughter are looking for a career that offers empowerment, where should you direct your attention and efforts? Here are five jobs that many women find empowering.

1) Investment banking

Investment banking involves offering a range of financial services (such as mergers, bonds, shares, privatizations, and more) to clients who might range from small companies to governments.

You can specialize in corporate finance, debt capital markets or equity capital markets, acting as an advisor for your clients, suggesting ways for them to achieve their financial goals, and offering plans which they can implement.

While the hours can be long in busy periods in investment banking, the salary makes up for it at around $140,000 after one year’s experience. You do need certain qualifications, but courses like an online finance mba program will quickly put you on your way to getting there.

Investment banks are keener than ever to hire a workforce that is more diverse. So, if you want a job where you’re in charge of offering advice, assessing the economy, and making financial decisions, investment banking could be a good choice.

2) Marketing

With flexible working conditions and well-paid career choices across many different sectors (corporate, public sector, non-profit, etc.), marketing can be an incredibly versatile career option.

The demand for women in marketing is also rising dramatically: it’s anticipated that 75% of the global discretionary spend will be controlled by women by 2028. So it’s more important than ever to hear female views and opinions and gain a better understanding of feminine needs – giving women in marketing a natural advantage.

If you want a job where you can use your creativity, lead a team to come up with new strategies and ideas of how to create authentic connections with millions of consumers, and see your work published widespread across the globe, a career in marketing is well worth considering.

3) Entrepreneurship

Establishing your own business can be an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience.

Almost nothing can beat the feeling of creating your own, unique idea, nurturing it, developing it, and watching it grow as people invest and buy into it.

Working for yourself also gives you an enormous amount of flexibility and freedom. As you are your own boss, you can decide where, when and how you work. You also decide what you want – or need – to work on. And any rewards that come from your ideas and hard work are yours to keep.

If you’re thinking of selling a handmade product, sites like Etsy are perfect for setting up your business and finding customers. Once your business is established, you may even be able to hire employees, set up your own team, and become the leader of an exciting new empire. 

4) Management

As we’ve already mentioned, the comparative lack of female CEOs is shocking. In 2018, only 4.8% of Fortune 500 CEOs were female. Even in other professions, like senators, governors and university president, the percentage of female leaders did not exceed 31%.

So it’s important that more woman are encouraged to work towards leadership roles. With six-figure salaries easily earned in management roles, it is level that offers financial security.

More importantly, however, you have the opportunity to work with dozens, if not hundreds, of people. To organize teams, make important decisions and ultimately have the fate of a company or sector in your hands. You actually get to make a difference to the world – and act as a powerful role model for the women coming up behind you.

5) Event management

Event management yes the perfect job if you enjoy a hands-on role, and like to be involved in the whole process – everything from planning and running, to evaluating an event.

And of course you have the satisfaction of seeing something you have planned actually come to life. Of seeing exhibitors, speakers and visitors enjoying your vision and hard work.

Event management suits someone with an eye for detail – you need to understand exactly what your client wants, and how to appeal to their target audience.

Often you’ll be working in a team. So if you’re great with numbers but struggle when it comes to the artistic side, you can focus on a specific area rather than having to manage every role yourself. However, if you’d prefer to be independent, you can set up your own even planning business and control the entire process.

Managing teams, as well as coordinating and planning every last detail makes this job very rewarding and gives you a control over what you produce and how you do it. 

Photo by BBH Singapore