Five elegant homecoming dress styles that are simply stunning

What woman doesn’t want to look beautiful for her homecoming – whatever your definition of ‘beautiful’ is? Take a look at five elegant homecoming dress styles.

Finding the perfect dress for a special occasion isn’t easy. But for an event as significant as your homecoming, it can feel even harder to find the right outfit. And as much as online shopping has expanded our choice much wider than simply relying on what local boutiques have in store, it also broadens our choice… making it even tougher!

Luckily, with a wide selection of cool homecoming dresses available online, you can browse through a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to find the perfect dress that fits your unique personality and taste.

So how do you find the perfect dress for your homecoming? One in which you’ll feel beautiful on the nights and will have find memories of when looking back on your photos in years to come? To help narrow your choice, we look at five different homecoming dress styles you might want to choose.

1) Leila corset dresses

These pretty corset dresses are subtle yet stunning with their neutral tones and feminine silhouette. You can wear a light pink or red high heel to highlight the stark color difference in the bodice and the hem. This white long sleeve dress is every young woman’s dream: simple yet elegant, classic yet trendy.

This dress can work in all seasons. So all well as homecoming you can wear this dress for springtime dates. The cut on this dress is classy and would pair well with any piece of jewelry you already own. The ruffled sleeves and back of this dress are a particularly popular feature.

2) Elegant, draped, light blue chiffon dresses

Elegant light blue chiffon dresses are a classic outfit that never goes out of style and works for any occasion. The draping creates a silhouette that doesn’t emphasize your waistline, if that’s not a feature you want to highlight.

The hemline, meanwhile, comes just below your knees, so you can wear either heels or flats with this style. Just make sure you wear a nude bra under this dress because the shoulder straps can be very revealing.

3) Fishtail gowns

Fishtail gowns are simple but classy. When choosing a pair of shoes to accessorise with this style of dress, heels work well. This dress can be incredibly flattering, with the fishtail balancing out the rest of your figure. It’s also very feminine, hence the suggestion to team with heels. Or you can counterbalance the femininity of the style with trainers if you want an edgier look.

4) Angel wing lace dresses

The straps on this style of dress are a popular feature. Angel wing lace dresses are certainly attention-getting so make sure you like being noticed if you opt for this dress! It’s eye-catching thanks to its lace-detailed sleeves, flattering neckline, and opaque fabric. This dress is also very soft and girly, so you can wear it to many different types of event.

5) Cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses are classic and classy and also go down well at many different types of event, making it good value per wear. It’s a simple elegant style that is unlikely to go out of fashion.

More quick homecoming dress tips

For homecoming dresses, you want to concentrate on the color and cut of the dress. Choose a simple yet elegant shade that goes with your skin tone and accentuates the best features of your body. If you’re going with a friend, just pick something that suits your style.

We know that homecoming is a very special day in your young life, and you have been planning your outfit for a long time. The world will come to an end if anything goes wrong. So make sure that you cover all your bases on that night. Have a few wipes in your clutch for the unpredictable spills, and don’t forget your lipstick!

But you can already start the prep before you even slip on your stunning dress. Yes, we know you are already overthinking how you look in the dress, so to put your mind at ease, wear a body shaper underneath. It will streamline the whole look if you are wearing a figure-hugging dress. And let’s not forget the confidence boost! 

There are so many options out there for dresses, so we hope this list of five is helpful to you. They’re all very classy, with layers and lace that are simply stunning.