Five dress-up costume ideas from Halloween stores in Burbank

With lots of spooky costumes to wear on Halloween, many people might get confused. Here are our top ideas from the best Halloween stores in Burbank.

Are you stuck on getting ideas for your Halloween dress? Finding the right Halloween dress in Burbank can be an amazing and fun thing to do. If you live in Burbank, and looking for more ideas, then it’s best to visit the Best Halloween Store nearby. 

When it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, it’s important to know a few things. Things like comfort, design, style, and the best– props! 

With lots of amazing and spooky costumes to wear on Halloween, surely you might get confused. And, if you’re bored of taking ideas from the regular- traditional approach, then this blog is just for your help. 

Many people love getting dressed up as iconic or influential personalities and characters for Halloween parties. However, they must wear something comfortable and easy to carry around. 

If you aren’t a person who doesn’t like to spend a lot on their Halloween dresses then, you can take ideas from some of our shared collections below.

Dress up costume ideas from Halloween stores in Burbank

1) Dress up as Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins finally returned to theatres as a remake with Emily Blunt. Looking at her dress, we couldn’t help but get highly inspired for Halloween dresses. Anyway, we recommend choosing her overall dress as one of the best Halloween costumes for the upcoming year. 

If you look at her dress style, it comes with a white ruffle shirt, a cute derby hat, and a few accessories with her infamous umbrella. You too can take ideas to create your very own ‘Mary Poppins’ Costume!

2) Dress up as a cute pirate

Maybe there are chances you might love dressing as a pirate, rolling up with some action, and conquering the seas! The pirate costume will have you look like a swashbuckling buccaneer in no time! The dress comes with a layered style and design, a matching hat, and a black lace trim. 


The belt is lined with distressed faux leather that’ll make you look stylish and earn the respect of the ship’s captain! For better ideas about this dress, we recommend visiting your nearby Burbank Halloween Store or consulting with your friends and loved ones!

3. Dressing Up As A Beautiful Disney Princess

We call it another amazing choice for a Halloween dress. Now, you’ll find a variety of costume dresses like Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, or whatever type you love most. Our personal favorite is to choose a dress that’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t restrict any movement. 

We’re saying this because there are times when you have to match up with your friends for funny photographing sessions and this tip always comes in handy.

4) How about dressing up as monsters?

Dressing as a monster is another fun thing to do on Halloween! And, the dresses and costumes are quite easy to get too. If you’re more like scaring out someone, then, you should definitely try this awesome idea. 

Costume Store Nearby

Another thing, the costumes come in various sizes. So, you can take ideas from a nearby Costume Store in Burbank.

5) Scare your loved ones with a witch costume

Talking about the witches, they are a classic costume idea for Halloween! The best part: you can choose from different styles that include black dresses, or dresses that come with pointy hats. 


Our favorite thing is to recommend adding a small broomstick to a prop. It will give a real vibe to others that you’re seriously some kind of a scary witch who lives in the woods!

So, these are some of the ideas that we recommend. However, a nearby Halloween Store in Los Angeles can also be a great help to you. 

Coming to the dress or the costume part, here are some tips along the way for choosing a perfect costume. Many people complain about not finding a perfect dress for their Halloween and afterward, they feel all sad and keep on browsing the internet for ideas. 

So, as a freebie bonus, here are some tips to help you out!

First and foremost, we suggest you all choose a costume that you feel comfortable wearing and walking around. Because the Halloween event will go on for several hours. Moreover, you’ll have to stay in the outfit for longer. 

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So, it’s best to opt for something comfortable.

Next, you should try to match your costume with the event theme accordingly. It’s because you won’t feel left out. We have personally seen many people dressing up, keeping the theme in mind and it brought them fruitful results!


Ready for Halloween?

So, these tips will offer you some help and support for planning a dress for Halloween. Transform yourself into something cool that makes your celebration worth remembering! If you’re looking for the best ideas, head onto the Glendale Halloween website.

You’ll find some cool and spooky makeup tutorials there. Also, you can take inspiration from videos for matching the makeup to your Halloween dresses. Stay tuned!