Five cleaning products every mum needs 

Sometimes it can feel like one of your main roles as a mum or dad is cleaning up after your children.

It doesn’t matter how old your children are, they’ll always be making messes, so it’s important to have a cleaning cupboard stocked with all the essentials.

Not having a wide range of cleaning supplies can make keeping your home in ship shape a much harder task, so do yourself a favor and head to the shops at the next opportunity. Not sure what to buy? These five cleaning products are something that every parent should have on their shopping list.

1) Oven cleaner

Your oven can be one of the toughest appliances to clean, especially if your little ones are starting to get involved with the cooking and baking. Not everyone has time to clean the oven after every use, so more often than not you’ll be left with a huge mess after many months of use.

After what feels like hours of scrubbing, you’ll be wondering whether you even know how to clean an oven properly. Usually, the answer is a high-quality oven cleaner. Simply leave it to soak and then wipe away grease like it never existed.

2) Durable rubber gloves

Cleaning products can wreak havoc on your skin, so it’s important to have a pair of durable rubber gloves on hand for all those times you reach for the bleach.

If you’ve had gloves before that have irritated your skin or worn down after just a few uses, it’s time to invest in a higher-quality pair that are designed to treat your fingers right. Who said that parents need to have calloused hands? Keep your skin soft and supple and leave everyone wondering how you do it.

3) Surface wipes

If your children have a habit of dropping bits of food on the table as they’re eating, then some antibacterial surface wipes can be really handy. Instead of reaching for the spray bottle, grab a wipe and leave your table looking as good as new. While wipes won’t be any good for bigger spills, they’re a multipurpose product that you’ll be grateful for when you’re short on time.

4) Reusable cloths

While wipes are useful in a pinch, they can have an impact on the planet, so try to choose reusable cloths for the bulk of your cleaning. It’s a good idea to buy lots and lots of cloths so you can throw them in the washing basket as soon as they start to show signs of dirt and grime. You’ll barely notice the addition to your regular load of laundry and you’ll be saving money in the long run as well as the planet.

5) White vinegar

Not a fan of harsh chemicals? White vinegar is an incredible cleaning tool that shouldn’t aggravate any allergies or sensitivities. Often paired with baking soda, this DIY cleaner is affordable and really does the trick when it comes to disinfecting surfaces. However, it’s worth noting that antibacterial cleaners are still useful when a family member is unwell or you’ve been handling raw meat.