Five camping bed options for your children

As a parent, when planning a camping adventure for your family, one of your biggest concerns will be the safety and comfort of your children – especially at night.

Because let’s be realistic: if your children get a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep, the camping trip will be much more enjoyable for everyone! So finding a comfortable camping bed should be fairly high up your list of priorities when buying camping equipment.

A comfortable camping bed will also make sleepovers and other family trips easier too. So, to help you find the right one, here are five options.

1) Leachcho BumpZZZ Travel Bed

Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Beds are soft and comfortable folding beds that are great for camping. The beds come with bumpers on all sides and have a handy carry bag. The pad at its center is also removable for washing, so it is great for outdoor camping (which can get pretty muddy…).

The Leachcho BumpZZZ Travel Bed takes a fair amount of space while travelling, so it’s worth bearing this in mind, especially if you need to take it on a flight. It’s not the cheapest option but is very comfortable.

2) Intex Kidz Travel Bed

The Intex Kidz Travel Bed is an inflatable mattress, just like the popular aerobed for kids. It can be ideal when camping with a toddler, with comforting sides all around – making it an easier transition from crib at home to camp bed outdoors.

The mattress that comes with the bed can be separated from the frame, making it easy to tuck the sheets in. It also comes with a handy carry bag.

3) My First Ready Bed

My First Ready Bed was made for smaller children, with a bumper around the head area to keep children secure.

This travel bed has a sleeping bag and pillow area built-in and the pillow area is slightly inflated, meaning you don’t need to bring any extra bedding. This makes it great for camping, as it reduces the number of items you have to pack for your young ones to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The carry bag can also be changed into a mattress cover if you need.

When you’re home from your trip you can simply remove the sleeping bag and wash and dry it easily. You can also choose from a variety of prints. There is also a junior version of the bed without a bumper.

4) PeaPod Plus Infant Travel Bed

The PeaPod Plus Infant Travel Bed is great for infants and toddlers, which means it can grow with your baby for a few years – up until five years’ old in some cases.

This is a lightweight pop-up tent with a carry bag and can be assembled in a flat, making it the perfect camping companion.

5) Regalo My Cot Portable Bed

The Regalo My Cot Portable Bed folds up like a camping chair, and is lightweight but less ‘packable’ than an inflatable bed. That said, it’s small enough to fit in your car. Its set-up makes it better for a road trip that flights, and it has a washable sleeping sheet.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby