Five business ideas that can thrive through COVID uncertainty

Life during the pandemic has changed dramatically. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus shows no signs of disappearing.

This means that we need to brace ourselves for future waves that will bring new restrictions and lockdown measures. Currently, the tier lockdown system is enabling areas that are severely affected to introduce strict curfew and restriction measures in order to manage risks.

With no guarantee of when we will be able to put all covid risks behind us or how to maintain a sense of normality in everyday life, a lot of professionals are struggling to keep companies open. 

However, the pandemic uncertainty also provides a launch platform for small and independent businesses that can address current needs. In a climate of confusion, fear, and isolation, businesses that put people’s needs first can not only thrive but also make a difference. 

1) An emotional life coach

The pandemic causes a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Conflicting news reports and lack of stability can make it hard for individuals to keep a cool head.

Yet, too many of us accept depression as a normal state without realising they have the mind power to manage and stop their suffering. Depression and anxiety sensitivities can be enhanced through the COVID situation. A helpful and welcoming platform that encourages people to take back control of their lives and minds can make a huge difference.

As a life coach, you don’t provide an introspective journey in a way a therapist would. Instead, you make people aware of existing tools, such as meditation, that can be used every day to reduce stress and anxiety. 

2) Supporting small British artisans

Small British shops that sell handmade products are having a tough time surviving the lockdown restrictions. Even though many small business owners have tried to move their activities online, the costs can be high for British artisans.

But, you can consider a coordinating business that manages web presence for artisans, storage and delivery logistics. You could organise a pallet delivery service for weekly pallet delivery from individual shops to a common warehouse area where non-perishable products can be dispatched as they’re sold.

For perishable items, such as food, a hamper offer that combines regional specialities for weekly national delivery can save small businesses. 

As an organisation managing web orders and deliveries on the behalf of artisans, you can keep a small commission on each purchase, or sort out a membership fee for each artisan. The bottom line: you help them thrive and survive during tough times. 

3) A home baking business

Did you know which business model has recorded a surprising boom during lockdown? Cake delivery services have received a huge amount of orders.

When people can’t visit friends or relatives on special occasions, sending a sweet and personalised cake is a lovely way of sharing some love. So, if you are an experienced baker, you can turn your kitchen into a home-baking business.

Standards for a food business are straightforward, but they may require adjusting your kitchen area to meet regulations. Make sure to look at the existing competition in your area.

A lot of home-baking businesses have been focusing on muffins, cupcakes, and cookies for home delivery services. Very few companies offer cake delivery, and those that do have a limited menu. While it’s not viable to produce a long menu, you can select different recipes to keep customers excited. 

4) A photographer who captures restricted moments

Weddings are not cancelled during the pandemic. But restrictions have made it tricky for couples to make their dream wedding happen and capture memories.

During the pandemic, wedding photographers who are equipped to attend ceremonies safely can help families celebrate. It is a tough situation where masks and social distancing can make it hard for couples. Yet, understanding how to make the most of group photos and couple shots can ensure the couple has meaningful photos of their big day.

5) An online stylist

It can seem odd to offer online styling services during a pandemic, but now is the best time to help your clients dress for their body shape. As fitting rooms are closed for safety, most people find it hard to buy clothes that fit.

Online shopping can lead to disheartening results that damage one’s self-confidence. But, as a stylist, you can arrange individual zoom sessions to teach your clients how to measure their bodies and order the right sizer in each brand.

It’s also helpful to show how to retouch clothes or pick the right colour and cut for your body type. Being stuck at home makes it tricky for people to feel confident and beautiful, which is where a stylist can make a big difference. 

We can safely say that the pandemic is not ready to disappear right now. There will come a time when COVID-19 is behind us. But for now, starting a venture that helps people and small businesses cope with the challenges of the pandemic can be a game-changer for the local economy and mood. 

Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz