Five books to upscale your marketing and SEO game

Looking to upscale your marketing and SEO game? Here are five books recommended by an industry expert.

Digital marketing and SEO are constantly changing and companies must learn to constantly adapt. It’s all about staying on your toes, whether it’s by trying out new marketing tactics or just soaking up new knowledge. Staying fresh and relevant is what keeps a business thriving.

With this in mind, we had a chat with Jade Pruett, content marketing expert and the brains behind HelloSEO. In this article, she shares her go-to books for anyone eager to make their mark in marketing and SEO.

1) Get Different: Marketing That Can’t Be Ignored by Mike Michaelowitz

Topping Jade’s list is “Get Different” by Mike Michaelowitz. For those ready to dive into the marketing deep end, this book is like finding buried treasure. Michaelowitz, famed for turning the Savannah Bananas into a marketing hit, dishes out advice on crafting marketing strategies that really stand out.

Jade loves how this book encourages you to think outside the box and connect with potential customers in fun, unconventional ways. It really shows how a dash of creativity can make all the difference in a world where things can get a bit samey.

2) They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan

Up next is “They Ask, You Answer,” showcasing Marcus Sheridan’s transformation from a struggling pool business owner to a content marketing champ. His approach? Answer every question under the sun about pools, and watch your business grow.

And it did. Jade is a big fan of this book for its down-to-earth, practical advice and the incredible story of success it shares.

3) Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World by Rand Fishkin

In “Lost and Founder,” Rand Fishkin of MOZ opens up about the ups and downs of running a fast-growing company. This book isn’t just about SEO tips but it also includes challenges of entrepreneurship, including mental health struggles. Jade recommends this read for its truthful take on what it really means to be at the helm of a business, whether you’re in SEO or just trying to grow your company.

4) SEO Book for Beginners by Ahrefs

For newbies in SEO, Jade suggests the “SEO Book for Beginners” by Ahrefs. This one lays down the basics, giving a solid foundation for anyone starting out. It’s a great pick for beginners and a useful refresher for the pros. The book’s clear and straightforward style aligns perfectly with HelloSEO‘s goal to make SEO easy for everyone to understand.

5) Product Led SEO by Eli Schwartz

Last but not least is “Product Led SEO” by Eli Schwartz. This book takes a fresh look at SEO, focusing on weaving it into product development right from the start. Jade admires Schwartz’s strategy of making SEO a key part of product planning. It’s a top read for anyone looking to make SEO a core part of their business strategy.

In a nutshell, these books set a solid foundation about SEO and marketing for anyone in the business world. HelloSEO‘s nod to these titles comes from their practical tips, eye-opening insights, and the big impact they can have on your marketing and SEO game.

Jade Pruett is the founder of HelloSEO, an SEO agency specialising in serving service-based businesses and subject matter experts. She built a six figure business while working full time before she turned 30.

Starting as a content writer, Jade rapidly transitioned into the SEO realm, accumulating extensive experience in startup environments. She established HelloSEO as a side hustle in 2020, before fully committing to it in 2022, managing to bootstrap the company to rapid growth through strategic partnerships and mentorship.

Jade holds the award for “Local Excellence” of Columbia in 2023, was voted Columbia’s best in 2022, and is nominated for a Woman in Search award.