Finding an office space in a post-COVID world

It’s probably been a long time since you’ve stepped foot in an office. Find out how to find somewhere to work in a post-COVID world.

In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which officially took hold in the West last March, businesses all over the world were forced to shift to remote work operations, with many closing their office doors indefinitely.

However, with case numbers declining in certain regions and the rollout of new vaccines, there is growing hope that life as we once knew it will return in some form.

Will returning to the office after lockdown ends be one of those reversions? And if so, how can entrepreneurs go about finding the perfect office space for their businesses? Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions.

Will we go back to the office?

Following the boom in remote work, it became clear to employees and organizations that much of the work we once did within office walls could be just as effectively completed from home. Many workers are experiencing heightened productivity, lower stress levels and increased freedom and flexibility. Employers were also able to have access to better talent from across the planet. In many ways, remote work has been a win for all parties.

However, the proliferation of remote work has also highlighted the limitations of such a set-up. As WSP points out, in a knowledge economy, the success of a company largely relies on face-to-face interaction and collaboration.

Similarly, one analysis showed that there is a correlation between social connectivity and productivity; employees who have reported higher levels of satisfaction with the social connectivity they experience with their colleagues are two to three times more likely to demonstrate higher levels of productivity when completing collaborative tasks than those who expressed dissatisfied with their social connectivity.

Plus, many believe that the novelty of working from home will eventually end and workers will be craving the both the sense of interaction and structure that an office provides.

Finding an office space

It’s clear that working from the office will once again become a norm that many people revert to. However, for entrepreneurs who will be growing their businesses and seeking their own office spaces (perhaps for the first time), the question remains: how do you find the perfect office space for your company in the post-COVID workforce?

There are a number of criteria to consider when looking for the ideal office space, particularly following the pandemic. Some of these criteria include:

  • Space – Many offices will be required to have sufficient space to allow for social distancing between employees. Make sure the office space you choose will enable you to meet these requirements.
  • Location – Ideally, you want to go where your customers are. Even if your business isn’t a traditional retail, brick and mortar-style, it still serves to be close to your clients, no matter your industry. Most consumers prioritize convenience, so make your location as convenient as possible. Doing so will serve you well in the long run.
  • Affordability – You don’t want to be renting an office space that’s going to negatively affect your bottom line. Try to keep costs – from rent to furniture to bills – to a minimum, especially when you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur.

Not sure where to start on your hunt for the perfect office space? Seek the assistance of a professional! For example, if you’re searching for an office space in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, consider reaching out to experts like the Jeff Tabor Group. They can negotiate leases with landlords on behalf of tenants to save them money and avoid costly mistakes.

Hiring someone with expertise in the commercial real estate sector also means they’re up to date with the criteria you’ll need to meet to ensure your new office space will be COVID-safe.

Clearly, once COVID-19 case numbers decrease more steadily and we inoculate more of the global population, we can expect to see workers head back to their offices in larger numbers.

With that in mind, finding an office space for your budding business is absolutely a worthwhile pursuit even in the post-COVID workforce. By knowing what criteria to look for, you’ll help to facilitate your office-hunting journey.