Find out how WhatsApp boasts increased customer engagement for businesses

Looking for ways you can increase your business’ customer engagement? Find out how WhatsApp can help in a handy infographic.

Engaging with customers is vital for companies to make a sale, and even upsell or cross-sell. It’s why so many entrepreneurs invest in increasing customer engagement, but some areas are often overlooked. WhatsApp is one of the more notable.

As the infographic below shows, 175 million people use WhatsApp to contact businesses every day. About 40 million use the platform to view products, making it a great way for businesses to advertise their products and increase customer engagement.

With how people feel about messaging platforms, it’s easy to see why these figures are so high. Outside of interacting with friends, consumers prefer using WhatsApp to contact businesses. 83% of customers have said they’ve already used the platform to contact a business, showing somewhat of a preference.

This provides a knock-on effect on their expectations, with at least 67% of potential customers expect companies to have a presence on WhatsApp.

In turn, this has an impact on business behavior. Over 292 million downloads of WhatsApp Business shows that companies are focusing on it more and more. They see the benefits of it, like an increase in sales – about 27% – and an increase in conversions. In 2021 alone, they generated over $1.2 billion in product sales.

This looks to skyrocket going forward, with an estimated $3.6 billion set to be spent on WhatsApp marketing in 2024. It’s an area companies can’t afford to overlook going forward. Even compared to email, it boasts quite a few benefits.

Check out the infographic below to find out more.

Infographic byYourBusinessNumber